I still see myself as the shy little girl from my childhood, yet the 13+ year long healing adventure that I’ve been on has allowed me to blossom into the woman, and healing practitioner that I am today. After experiencing and enduring one of the most controversial, and misdiagnosed illnesses on this planet, Lyme Disease, I’ve been able to do what I do today, and build my holistic healing and nutrition practice from my voyage through chronic illness. This not only happened through studying nutrition formally, but through living, breathing, and experiencing first hand what it feels like to fully lose one’s health, hit rock bottom, and heal the body naturally and holistically from the inside out. It’s given me the ability to truly understand what my clients are going through every step of the way, as I’ve been there, and it’s not fun. This passion fuels me to heal others, and it’s the reason I do everything that I do today, and forever more.

My journey took me from Canada to South Africa, to New York City, and back to Canada where I reside today.  I practice out my Office in downtown Toronto, virtually through Skype + Phone, and offer workshops throughout Toronto.

It’s my goal and mission to heal one person at a time. After being so ill, I don’t want any soul to experience less than vibrant health, as I truly believe we all deserve to live our healthiest, happiest, MOST AUTHENTIC and RADIANT life.


I know how it feels to experience all of the loss, hopeless, pain + more, so I fully understand where you are this moment, and would be honoured to hold space for whatever you, your body, mind & soul are so needing. We don’t tell it what to do, it tells us and we listen. But it’s always waiting for us to take action.

Through this healing I’ve truly come to discover that a label, diagnosis, or symptom doesn’t mean anything, as the body has an innate ability to heal.  

My methodology + techniques are unique, intuitive, and deeply rooted in my energetic gifts, practices, tools, support and coaching that allows for your healing to go beyond the body… and into the realm of the unknown, where truly anything is possible


-Cellular Nutrition - Eating for optimal cellular health

-Deep Healing  (the trifecta - body, mind & soul)

-Chronic skin issues

-Digestion (leaky gut, dysbiosis, etc…)

-Hormone dysfunction

-Menstruation + Regulating periods

-Energy psychology (EFT)

-Sustainable + Environmentally conscious eating / nutrition

-Green beauty


-Mind/Body healing

-Stress reduction, getting out of fight or flight mode

-Relationship to one self & with others


-Chronic inflammation

-Cleansing / detoxing

-Flower essences (Bach remedies)

-Intuitive life / empowerment coaching

-Providing the most healing space for your body & soul to do the work too!


Diploma in Social Work from the University of South Africa

Graduated summa cum laude with a Fashion and Business Marketing diploma from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City

I graduated as an Certified Holistic Nutritionist, through the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and am certified under the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, AADP where I’m a board certified Holistic Practitioner and now a practicing Holistic Nutritionist

Level I & Level II Reiki Certified

EFT (Tapping) + TFT Certified Practitioner (Currently undertaking)