I still see myself as the shy little girl from my childhood, yet the decade long healing adventure that I’ve been on has allowed me to blossom into the woman, and healing practitioner that I am today. After experiencing and enduring one of the most controversial, and misdiagnosed illnesses on this planet, Lyme Disease, I’ve been able to do what I do today, and build my holistic healing and nutrition practice from my voyage through chronic illness. This not only happened through studying nutrition formally, but through living, breathing, and experiencing first hand what it feels like to fully lose one’s health, hit rock bottom, and heal the body naturally and holistically from the inside out. It’s given me the ability to truly understand what my clients are going through every step of the way, as I’ve been there, and it’s not fun. This passion fuels me to heal others, and it’s the reason I do everything that I do today, and forever more.

My journey took me from Canada to South Africa, to New York City, and back to Canada where I reside today.  I practice out of my Glow Loft in downtown Toronto, virtually through Skype + Phone, and offer workshops throughout Toronto.

It’s my goal and mission to heal one person at a time. After being so ill, I don’t want any soul to experience less than vibrant health, as I truly believe we all deserve to live our healthiest, happiest and most glow filled life.



I learned first hand just how powerful food is when it comes to healing the body.

It was while enduring over nine years of illness, seeing countless medical specialists, and undergoing tests with no answers or diagnosis that my thirst for nutrition, healing, and health ignited a flame within me that hasn’t and will never stop burning.

Over five years ago I came to my own diagnosis of Lyme Disease, after medical tests confirmed an extremely chronic case. I had been living in a complete state of dis-ease for over six years with absolutely no answers to why my body was practically falling apart.

I then started to heal myself naturally through a variety of foods, nutrition practices, and using the mind/body connection, and ultimately everything that I now use in my practice to help heal others. My symptoms started to stabilize and disappear, my hair started to regrow (I lost over half of it during my journey), my cystic acne faded (my skin was awful), my energy grew, my taste buds transformed and enlivened, my hormones started to balance again, I lost close to twenty five pounds that I had gained in a span of a few months, my skin started to glow, but most importantly I was winning my battle with Lyme Disease, and I was reclaiming my body and health back. I was in control, and that feeling. Oh that feeling. Nothing is more priceless than your health.

Health is wealth, for without it we wouldn’t be about to do anything.

This is both humbling, and I have the honour and pleasure of helping others achieve, live and breathe their optimal state of health, wellbeing and happiness.




I received my diploma in Social Work from the University of South Africa, which was an experience and country I will never ever forget.

I then moved to NYC, when I was my sickest, to pursue a dream that had always been within me, and was one of the reasons I moved away from South Africa to begin with. The city called me to its energetic, wildly unique, and utterly chaotic concrete jungle nature, which was ultimately difficult to navigate, as I was quite ill at the time. I graduated summa cum laude with a Fashion and Business Marketing diploma from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Through my own wild health ride, I discovered my purpose. I graduated as an Certified Integrated Holistic Health Counselor + Coach, through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and am certified under the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, AADP where I’m a board certified Holistic Practitioner and now a practicing Holistic Nutritionist through further education.


I believe that we ultimately have all we need to heal the  body...but asking for help, looking to others for support, guidance, healing  is  needed as when things aren’t right, we lose that connection to our  innate self. We need help not only picking up the pieces, but putting them together.

I believe in healing the body through body, mind and spirit. Nothing is in isolation, and I don’t believe full and optimal healing happens without addressing this trifecta, as all three live within us.

I believe in putting myself in all of my clients shoes. Empathy is one of life’s greatest gifts.

I believe that nature holds all the answers. Thereby, all the healing I do is through using food as medicine, herbs, supplements, mind/body healing, and your own unique healing tool kit.

I believe kindness can move mountains.

I believe in using zero labels when it comes to diets, food, fads, labels, styles of eating - Whole and natural food always wins. And we all need different things - period.

I believe in never judging a soul for wherever they are on their healing journey.

I believe you were meant for greatness, and that we all go through valleys. Those valleys, and this health journey you’re on will only make you greater.

I believe in the healing power of love, and infuse it into every e-mail, word spoken and every minute spent with you.