Oh yes, I'm back with these posts. I've got so much back logged for you guys...let's glow. 

This candle, not only is it beautiful aesthetically beautiful, it's 100% environmentally friendly in terms of packaging and it's contents

I'm obsessed with little natural face tools. Jade roller, check, Foreo, check...this brush will be one of my next trials. I believe our skin needs a little aid when cleansing + rejuvenating + stimulating 

This moisturizer popped up into my radar these last few months and I'm dying to try it. I'm yet to try CBD oil, and I don't partake in the consumption or smoking of marijuana (no judgement, just not my thang), but I'm very intrigued by the healing properties of CBD and its oil 

In my book roster for reading - I'm doing lots of healing of past money beliefs, and unblocking those beliefs as it serves no one. Money is simply energy and a energetic exchange. The more we expand, the less we hold tight, let go and allow abundance to come in 

Reformation never fails me, ever. This dress will transition perfectly into fall / winter. Hi tight season! 

Booking a Reiki session with me?  Your eyes + soul + senses will be met with this beauty

My new favourite earrings which I haven't taken off for weeks, I even sleep in them they are that comfortable 

Sun Potion will forever and always be my go to when it comes to herbs, tonics and elixirs. I've been wanting to try TOCOS forever, and I finally got my hands on it a few weeks ago, and already we're BFF's 

My eBook has a new glowy price! Oh, and if you sign up for my Newsletter're in for even more of a treat