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Ah, first of all the topic of self worth is a very loaded, intricate and ever evolving topic, as our self worth ebbs and flows with age, stages of life, circumstances, situations, moments in time, experiences, people, social media, yet it's something that is embedded since birth, and if it's something we don't recognize, grabbing a hold of ones self worth to grow, expand, develop, and truly, truly, truly believe is not an easy task. Actually I would say it's one of life's most difficult things to do, and something that I work on with all of my clients, myself included. I believe one can't grow, evolve, call in abundance, partners, careers, and everything in between without first recognizing where 1. Lack of worth stems from, 2. How to expand past your embedded (unconscious) beliefs so you can live the life you want in body, mind, and soul. 

For example, if you don't value yourself, and deem your self worthy of living your healthiest, and most evolved life, or that you're actually worthy of healing from the most intense disease or from those incessant breakouts, no matter what you do on the surface level, how you nourish your body, what you eat, how many products you buy, if you don't believe you deserve it, and not just consciously, but deep down in your sub conscious where so many beliefs exist, live, and breathe. This will continue effect all areas of your life, sometimes without you even knowing it (FRUSTRATING, BUT TRUE), actually most of the time you don't.  If not addressed, healed, and consciously guided to the surface, these patterns, thoughts, beliefs, will continue to the ends of time if you don't recognize where your lack comes from. We can't change, what we don't know. This is made very evident in people who find it difficult to commit to a relationship, as a child they experienced abandonment, or even abuse, therefore they subconsciously don't believe they are worthy of a partner, and therefore sabotage every single relationship they are in, as they don't believe they deserve their partners love and affection. Or if related to health, if you were constantly sick as a child, and your parents never took care of you, or they always just gave you medicine, instead of allowing your body to heal with natural remedies, or through the bodies innate capacity, when you get older, without even thinking of it, you will pop a pill, run to the doctor, and use topical substances that are actually doing more harm than good, inside and out. 

From the ages of 0-7 is when you're subconscious mind is built, you don't start developing a conscious state until the age of 7, so everything you download before that enters into your mind and brain with zero filter. Absolutely zero. If you're told at a young age you're not good enough, or your parents instilled fear in you in terms of certain things, people, situations (financial, health, relationships), than these are beliefs and values you continue to carry to this day. 

We accept the love, healing, relationship, success, financial freedom, health, body...that we think we deserve. 

When it came to healing my body, I knew from the get go that I deserved to heal, and that I would heal. I never doubted it for a second, as I knew I was worthy of full and optimal health, and I would do it naturally, holistically, no matter how long it took. My self worth in healing was and is very high which is why I believe I can do what I do today. I'm intuitive in my sense for what others need, I see + hear things they don't, and I dig deep to those subconscious beliefs, as I believe healing starts in two places 1. The gut, and 2. The mind, and it's not coincidence that there is the largest of connections between the gut and brain, and why our brain is coined 'the second brain'. Your body has an innate healing mechanism, but most of us have cut this cord. It's my passion + gift to facilitate this re-attachment. 

But when it came to building my business, practice, seeing clients, charging money for it, and all the facets of owning ones business, my lack of worth was tipping the opposite end of the scale. Next to zero self-worth.  I can heal, and help others, but when it came to business, I believed I just wasn't worthy of having a successful practice, or that I should work for free, or to charge very little (KEY LOW SELF WORTH THOUGHT RIGHT HERE) because I didn't want to offend people. While all of these things were keeping me little, not financially free, stressed, worried, in debt and uncertain as my life as a practitioner. Now, I wouldn't say I'm 100% when it comes to the worthiness of owning my own nutrition practice, but with the release of this new site, changing my service structure + raising my prices a little, I've had to dig deep, question, and work on my worth, and ultimately unblock unconscious beliefs around money, abundance, energy (MONEY IS ENERGY + A DIRECT REFLECTION OF YOUR SELF WORTH. THAT'S IT), but I'm pretty darn close. I have so much more to say on this, which will lead me into part two, which will focus more on the worthiness of money, attracting abundance, and how I finally let go of the fear of essentially being me, Lisa, human, deserver of the life I want, practitioner, guide, advisor, healer, while helping others heal, expand, grow and live their best life. You can absolutely have it all, but if you don't believe your worthy of it, you will run yourself in circles, as nothing external (money, partner, house) will fill that gap of unworthiness + unhappiness. 

If you're looking to delve deeper into your body, mind and soul, while using nutrition, food as medicine, advisory into your true innate self, and to take your healing to the next level, I would love to be there for you, and look forward to connecting over a session. I know this time can be very difficult to navigate, and I would be so honoured to be here for you. Ultimately we work with your bodies innate healing tools, and you're guided to a optimal state of existence, in body and mind. 

If you're uncertain what I'm about, you can see my book here! It's a intro into who I am, my healing journey, and how I practice.