What do you think of when you hear the word? Does your chest start to get tight? Do a million thoughts start racing through your head? Are you comfortable around money? Is there never enough? Do you have a lot? Are you even aware of your finances? Do you see money as a material object?... and the questions could go on, and on, and on. And quite frankly can elicit a whole lot of stress for us. 

Our thoughts, and beliefs around money are programmed very early on, we are talking from when you were zero, in utero, to the age of about 14 years, when puberty starts to set in. If you think back to that time, and all of your beliefs (remember the subconscious mind has no filter, nothing, so what you hear from 0-14 is what you take as true fact), habits, thoughts, patterns not just about money, but regarding relationships, self-worth (!), motivation, drive, etc... were formed during that time, which if you ask me is kind of scary. Youth is so pure, and innocent and when we look back, we often think, what the heck did we even know, yet most of our beliefs about self, life and others are formed during that pivotal time. From birth, and into our teenage years we operate out of our subconscious mind a lot, which has no filter. Therefore if we saw a scenario of our parents when we are five, and they were arguing about money, saying we just don't have enough, there is never enough money to go around, and money is hard to come by! You better belief that was imprinted into your mind as truth, a cold hard fact, as you had nothing to rationalize this against, and your conscious mind wasn't developed for you to question this fact.

Fast forward to today, if that scenario took place in your youth, you most often than not have the same belief system around money. You believe there is never enough money to go around, so you're always skimping on tipping at restaurants, you for go buying people gifts as you just don't have the money, you aren't able to experience a simple weekend getaway, because you have to work hard to make more money, you calculate everything down to the last penny, making sure that every thing is accounted for. Quite simply, there is a lack of money, you are the victim, you will be earning this amount no matter what job you do, there is never enough, and the world is out to get you, right? 

Wrong. Money is abundant, money is all around us, money is not hard to come by, everything we want already exists in this world (minus a unicorn), and we are worthy of making a whole lot of money, if we so please. This will differ for all of us, as we all desire a specific lifestyle, but when it comes down to it, money is energy, and energy is money. We exchange energy, for something we see of value, and we get energy the product / service / experience in return, which is again energy, as it's truly the only thing that exists on this planet. We are energetic beings, in a energetic world. 

Abundance is merely a state of being. When we can begin to see that what we charge, or how much money we have is a direct reflection to our self worth, so many light bulbs can start to go off, and we begin to recognize where the blockages truly lie, i.e your subconscious. It's where the hard work lies, and what I work through with all my clients on. Dig deep, unblock, reprogram to recognize, believe, right a new story, and shift your healing journey inwards, and upwards. 

I know this might take you some time to wrap your head around, it sure did for me, but as I started to dig deep into my own money story, what my beliefs around money were, things started to become very clear, and I was able to break through a lot of barriers. A lot. The healing part of my journey, see PART ONE to see my thoughts on that. Quite frankly I never doubted my ability to heal, which is why I believe I'm able to do what I do today, and help clients all over the world tackle their limiting beliefs, and healing blocks. I can see, where blocks in their subconscious live, while addressing + supporting the cellular nature of the body + mind. 

When all of these beliefs, and habits are ingrained into our subconscious it can not only be very hard to break, but insanely hard to even recognize in the first place. We simple go on with our lives, with these subconscious thought patterns, never truly questioning their existence, or more importantly digging deep to make the shift / unblock take place. We simply accept our financial fate, believe that everyone else can have what we want with regards to a job, home, travel, clothes, experiences, dinners out, purchasing gifts, stocking up on endless health products, etc... in essence whatever you so desire, but that's just not in our cards. Those people are lucky, they have a wealthy family, they have a great job, they deserve it, and the thoughts repeat themselves over, and over again, and there goes our self-perpetuating money story and belief system. Everyone else can have it, but I cannot. 


This also doesn't have to just relate to money, but can be looked at in our holistic health of our belief system of everything pertaining to worthiness, which I believe has a big part to play in our abundant mindset, in general. Do you live in a state of lack - never believing there is enough? Or are you abundant in nature - constantly affirming, there is always more where that came from, aka the energetic state of money is fluid, and as it goes out, it will come back. You are not your bank account, you are your worth. Your self-worth. How you show up in this world, share your unique gifts, presence and self, and yes earning as much money as you desire along the way! Abundance doesn't = dollars, Abundance = a constant state of self-worth recognizing you are truly worthy of it all. Of your dream life so to say. 

My personal experience with money has come up many times, especially in my healing journey with Lyme Disease (naturally healing is not cheap, I know first hand, spending close to $15,000+ on alternative therapies, supplements and practitioners), and then again with the building of my nutrition practice. I had so many deep fears, resentment towards money (Why did I have to go into debt to heal my body? aka "BAD MONEY"), to how do I put a dollar value on my unique gifts, skills, tools and innate ability to work with others. I had many deep rooted beliefs around money being evil, that I shouldn't charge for my services and I should help for free, that I wasn't worthy of living the life of my desires, and ultimately there wasn't enough to go around.

Whoa, a lot right? I think we're all carrying around these money beliefs, blocks and baggage. We keep on playing the same tune, because doing the work is hard, it's not easy when it comes to healing our physical body, just as it's not easy doing the work to do the mental / emotional / mind + body healing it takes. We're cocoon creatures, who find it hard to push past our comforts, yet it's what's required to dig deep and do the work. 

I had to push past this fear regarding the launch of my new website, raising my prices, and not feeling guilty, doubtful or scared. I know so many practitioners who charge double what I charge, yet they don't even blink a eye, and are wildy successful in their practice. Money is NOT the issue, SELF WORTH is. They believe they are worthy of earning X amount, they charge it, own it, and energy flows in.  I knew I was worthy of this too. This isn't to compare, as I don't believe that's helpful for anyone. But to sometimes believe, we have to see it taking place right in front of us, so we can affirm our own worth.

So in creating my new packages / services I didn't look to any other practitioner, but went inward, meditated on them, and this is what came to me. I know what I have to offer, my decade long healing journey with lyme disease, and formal study offers me a unique experience of truly delving into the hearts and souls of my clients. I literally know how they are feeling, as I've experienced almost all of it - body, mind and soul. 

Coming back to the energetic exchange of money, people will pay for what they see value in. I remember paying some practitioners over $400 per session, I did multiple, and every cent was worth it for me. I knew healing with mine for the taking, but I also knew I needed help along my journey. 

Ultimately you spend your money on things you see value in, and I believe the more you invest in yourself, the more money, abundance, and true potential is able to shine through you. You give energy out (payment), and you get double the energy back. It's just how it works. 

When you believe your worthy of healing, and abundance, it's truly yours for the taking. 

Why am I talking about money, and self worth? Because I believe it's a piece of your healing puzzle. Everything is connected, if we don't have self-worth, it's going to be very hard to be deserving of healing in our bodies, mind and souls. 

We only call in what we think we deserve. Therefore lack = stagnant, abundance = radiant healing. 

If you're looking to delve deeper into your body, mind and soul, while using nutrition, food as medicine, advisory into your true innate self, and to take your healing to the next level, I would love to be there for you, and look forward to connecting over a session. I know this time can be very difficult to navigate, and I would be so honoured to be here for you. Ultimately we work with your bodies innate healing tools, and you're guided to a optimal state of existence, in body and mind. 

If you're uncertain what I'm about, you can see my book here! It's a intro into who I am, my healing journey, and how I practice. 



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