Matcha is life. I've found my HG variety! 

These earrings, want for the holidays 

The dreamiest of recipes using my favourite fruit, and a product that will be a welcomed staple

It's hard for me to pick my favourite teas, but this one (chill) is included in my top three, tied with Genmaicha (boost) and Rooibos (glow) 

Forever a hoodie girl. I'm very feminine, but still a tomboy at heart. I would steal my brothers jordans, BB jersey's, and clothes all. the time, so this hoodie marries my two vibes into one 

Sex. This Book. Our sexual health is such a big part of our overall holistic health...If our hormones are out of whack, so will our desires, libido, and ultimately our sex life. Holistic health = life

My dream mug...going on to my manifestation list 

I can never have too many coats. This one is topping my list for F/W 18' 

One of my favourite artists in the world. Beautiful + chilling...Can't stop listening

My 5 day exclusive reset

If you're in Toronto, see you there


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