Classic patent loafers with a twist. I've always wanted a pair of loafers and these might be them. Also from a company who breathes sustainability + transparency, win-win 

You will be made this holiday season 

I'm a lip tint lady, no lipsticks ever, and only non-toxic stuff goes on my bod, especially my lips ! This marries both of my check points + is very luxurious (I love you hurraw, but a classy case is nice) 

BIODYNAMIC COFFEE (Only 4 roasters, out of 25 MILLION in the world are certified Biodynamic) 

A local cafe in Toronto that makes it's own homemade cashew mylk! I make a pretty mean mylk, but it's nice to know more cafes are seeing its benefit, and I can treat myself to a latte when I'm out and about 

Thee best chocolate in the world. Favourite, favourite, favourite (Can you tell I'm craving chocolate + a lil' comfort?) 

New Workout Alert! Going to give this one a go - It really resonates with my workout ethos + vibe 

I've always been into monograms, this company makes all your monogram dreams come true ( h e a v e n ) 


SUPER into this skincare brand. Loving her oils, next up on the list, this beaut 

Just got into this, cry fest every single episode 

SO EXCITED! We picked both of our of our honeymoon destinations, this is the second stop