Really into longer sleeve blouses. This one is a dream 

I've always felt the warmth of gold jewelry. This vintage cross necklace is equal parts goth + spiritual. Really feeling more jewelry as of late...

Legend. This interview is equal parts inspiring + beautiful. A life of health shows in every single way 

The hunt for my signature scent is hopefully over. Discovered this brand a few weeks ago, ordered the sample pack, and waiting to see which one picks me. Vegan, non-toxic & unisex aka perfection 

Buy less, but better...This Book 

The chicest natural nail polish I've ever found. Digging this colour for Fall

I've been wanting to try CBD oil forever. Discovered this Canadian brand that is both potent + aesthetically pleasing to my eye 

Perfection. I adore this swimwear brand, and can't wait to add to my collection. The newly released Resort 18' is unreal 

Winter tunes

I would love to meet you! See you on the 14th 

Birthday dinner (it's today!) here tonight 

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