YES. This Hoodie. It's perfection. The only way I live my life 

Natural deodorant in it's most luxurious form. These scents + formulations are heavenly. I love my schmidt's, but would love to give this one a go! 

NEED, NEED, NEED. Coconut butter has become my latest obsession. What could be better than a gallon of glory, that is nourishing, grounding, and healing 

If you've never experienced Dr. Pratima's Love Oil, you're missing out. I will never forget the first time I used it, I literally felt comforted from the inside out

I'm a sucker for pretty + black, yet comfortable + functional lingerie. This Canadian brand made right here in DT TO is a heaven scent. Quality, trumps quantity every single time. This bra is on my list! 

Natural Retinol is hard to find, but I've been loving this one so, so, so much. It's an investment for sure, but again quality over quantity :) As much as I love trialling new beauty products, my mentality is less, but better, and less truly is more 

My girls and I stayed here a few weekends ago, and it was an actual DREAM - If you're in the TO area, YOU MUST VISIT! 

CLASSIC  BEAUTY - Perfect to gift or read this Holiday Season 

MY VIBES - Love the pairing of the blazer with the chunky turtle neck. I always go for a classic piece + find, with a slight edge. HUNT for a classic black structured bag, my backpack is being retired...

That being said. Hunt begins for a structured black classy bag that will fit my laptop, possible contender

My musical winter vibes  - sounds to carry you through colder day, so they may warm your heart + soul 

The perfect glow gift for a loved one 

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