I've gone through phases of earring wearing. My mom pierced my ears when I was a baby, I once had two holes, and two odd piercings which I took out in my early twenties! I'm now in an earring obsession phase and can't take them out, especially - Gold Hoops + Cross Earrings like these

One of my clients got me this for Christmas last week and I'm obsessed. ORGANIC COCONUT WAX! 

RMS 4EVER - The only make up I wear, and I've yet to try the new Luminizer, 2018 shall be the year that it goes down 

How am I diffuser less? I adore essential oils and use them often... THIS IS THE DIFFUSER - A piece of stone art 

Eco-Friendly Beret. Classic. PERFECT for our Parisian leg of our Honeymoon, no????


My new journal for 2018 - Inspiring, unique, beautifully crafted + eco. Can't wait to dig in!!! 

Vegetables make me so, so, so happy. This cookbook + coffee table book is a piece of art 

Slip dresses will forever be my style of choice, this black one is perfection 

Winter warmer for these next two months of hibernation. I love digging into roasted veggies come January / February - This recipe will come in super handy 

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