Pretty much all of my favourite things combined. This new limited edition body oil is what dreams of made of 

WEDDING LOOK + VIBES (I'm very minimalistic + simplistic) 

I'm super into using my own body weight to exercise. This is my new favourite body sculpting tool

I adore my thin gold hoops from this company, but want to get a pair that's a little thicker. SO insanely happy with the hoops I have now and haven't taken them out once, and they are still perfect circles. These will be my next buy 

I interviewed Danielle this summer, and fell in love! I can't wait to get her new book. We're on the same wellness wave vibes. So happy for her + her release 

HOLY GRAIL OF PROBIOTICS - On my list - Gut Health is the foundation of everything I do

Super into longer sleeves, I've never been a short sleeve T gal, apart from my BABY T days in the late 90's early 2000's. This T is perfection, REF can do no wrong 

 I'm soooooo in need of new runners. I haven't purchased a new pair in over six years. Six years, so not healthy for my poor feet. Next up is these babies, investing a bit as it's been so long, and since I'm running a little more, my bod needs more TLC 

OBSESSED - I want to get this to hang over our fireplace! A piece of art, adds texture, warmth, and is handmade in Ontario. What a dream piece 

YES. My kind of mirror. If only every time we looked in the mirror we had this face. Mirrors should make us smile, just like this guy 

Music feeds my soul. This playlist will be your friend, winter warmer, and soul uplifter

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