I swear this chocolate is the chocolate of my dreams. I MUST get my hands on it

Still on the hunt for a cool / semi-professional / classic black bag. LOVIN' this AW one, as it's classic, but has the heavy chain detailing for a little more unique + cool vibe 

I'm pitta to this max. This oil will help me cool my internal fire inside (My pitta nature is why I do so well with raw foods in the winter) 

YES, this natural pain reliever is s t e l l a r


Banana bread reminds me of my angel mama who used to make it all the time. Cozy, nostalgic and full of love. This recipe is a V healthy twist on the traditional bread, with lots of added minerals and vitamins from the seeds 

My favourite Rooibos tea ever. This tea reminds me of my time in South Africa, as it's the only place that the rooibos plant is grown, so I had this tea everyday for a good four years. 

I'm a ritual + bath girl, so sets like these make me V happy 

The best thing you can do for your muscles after a long day 

A gentle clay mask to purify, yet also hydrate with Brazilian superfoods, I AM IN (I'm obsessed with face masks!!!) 

We must go through to heal 

Winter tunes playlist