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I've written a lot about skin throughout this blogs lifespan, as it's one of my major passions when it comes to healing the body, and I know first hand what it takes to holistically heal the skin. This I know for sure, is that it's not a quick path or fix.  My approach to healing the skin is two-fold; as I believe skin, and healing it, comes from an internal + external force, and I truly believe one cannot be healed without the other. So to achieve your dream skin, we must approach it from an inside out / outside in vibe, I see no other way, and through healing my own skin, I know it be 100% true, effective, and will get you the results you want. I can now honestly say that my skin is the healthiest and best it's e v e r been in my entire life, and I'm in my 30's (V (ery) early), and often get mistaken for early 20's. I say this with pride, because boy oh boy has my skin gone through a lot, and it's been a long journey to healing it - which I've done naturally + holistically. 

My love for the skin runs very deep, as not only did I suffer from extremely bad acne (Physical - External) for a good four to five years, but I deeply understand how it affects ones sense of self, worth, self-love, mindset, drive, care, confidence (Mental / Emotional - Internal) and everything in between. I will not for a second view wanting to have nice skin, or healing the skin as coming from a place of ego, or vanity. Ever. That's simply not the case, as the mental / emotional / self-worth issues that flow from any and all skin disorders are very real, and run a whole lot deeper than just wanting clear skin. So if you suffer from skin issues, whatever it may be, do not feel guilty for wanting glowing, hydrated, and living in your most optimal skin. This is our birth right, and it's what the Universe truly wants for you (us).  And while it might be different for individuals who have never suffered from acne ( and I'm not talking about the occasional period pimple, or breaking out every few months), individuals who have suffered with acne know that it affects every single area of their life - career, personal, relationally, financially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and socially. 

This is where I meet my clients, and ultimately how I healed my own skin. On a much deeper level. This is where all healing, not just the skin, takes place. 

I approached healing my skin from a different angle, and when I did, things started to clear (It still wasn't smooth sailing, as healing the skin takes time - mine took years - but it was worth it all). Over the span of about four years I literally tried e v e r y t h i n g to heal it. I went on all sorts of nutritional cleanses, I used harsh exfoliants, I treated it with benzyl peroxide ( which made my skin so much worse), used toothpaste on pimples, I tried a million skincare brands & products - in hope to find the "It" product, I ate copious amounts of greens (while this helped, it wasn't the magical key to healing), I dabbled in supplements (burdened my liver), I read millions of articles online (which honestly only confused me more, and led me down decision fatigue + confusion), I was fearful of oils, and tried almost every diet / lifestyle (raw, paleo, macrobiotic, fruitarian, raw till 4, vegan, vegetarian, etc...) under the sun in attempts to find the most healing "skin friendly" diet. I seriously tried it all,  did a number on my precious epidermis, and ended up doing more harm than good in every single way. But I was desperate, and I would try anything to be rid of my acne. Each morning I would feel my face, in the miracle that it vanished in my sleep. My face would be washed in a darkened bathroom because I didn't want to pick & pop my skin any more than I did, as I knew it only made it worse, but for some reason I couldn't stop, it was addicting, and at the same time satisfying. I didn't leave the house without make up, I wore big hats all the time as my face couldn't see the sun as my acne pigmentation would only get worse (sun doesn't make your skin better, it only temporarily make your skin "look" better, but it does more harm in the long run), and the story continues. This went on for years, and years, all in the hopes to "heal" my skin, but it did everything but. 

Ultimately it wasn't until I stopped doing everything to fix my skin (I /It  wasn't broken), and started to turn inwards to love my skin, self, believe I was worthy of having my best skin (through lots of inner work) and heal old wounds from the inside out. It's when I tuned to my inner innate self and started to play around with my diet / lifestyle ( I went from being vegan for 8 years to eating some wild fish + organic chicken and bone broth) to find out what was best for my unique self + body type (It's why I don't believe in a one-size fits all approach, and work with my clients on a V individual basis), I layered my supplements - quit my 30+ daily supplement  regime ( for my Lyme Disease) cold turkey as it was burdening my liver and took a break from all supplements so my body could recalibrate, tweaked + tested all natural products and oils that were beneficial for my skin type ( V oily + combo), and adopted a very patient mindset, which is one of the magical ingredients to healing any ailment, illness or disease.  Patience, through we have to trust, know, and in still all of our actions with hope, for without hope we aren't operating from a authentic + truthful place.

Everything I was doing above was fueled by wanting the next best thing, "quick fixes", finding miracle ingredients, not trusting in my bodies own innate healing mechanisms, focusing on the external, without digging up my mental / emotional baggage that I'd been lugging around for a long time, following other peoples exact regime (Don't go there, and which is why I never share my full skincare regime, as I would dislike if someone followed it, and it didn't work and it just made their skin worse. It's why I work 1-1 with clients to help them find their own unique glow protocol), and every other wrong thing I did in attempt to clear / heal my skin. 

All of the above is why I approach the healing of skin on a much deeper level. I start from the inside first, ask the hard questions - everything ranging from happiness, career, sex life, relationships, finances, stress levels, bowel movements, nutrition, sleep, hormones, desires, family history, self-worth, purpose, passions + so much more - We dig deep to say the least, go back to pre-birth (our Mothers microbiome, determines the health of our digestive system), heal the gut before we tackle the skin, while finding you a skincare regime (20% is topical) that is healing, natural, and going to aid in the internal work (80%). All of this adds up to deep healing of the skin, which is my hope for all of you. If you're suffering with you skin right now, whether it be acne, inflammation, pigmentation, melasma, eczema, premature aging, wrinkles, lack lustre, dehydrated, etc... your skin can, will and wants to heal. Again, it is your birthright to have the glowiest skin of your dreams, and you should not feel guilty for wanting it, for skin is simple a reflection of our internal world. So when our skin isn't okay, it's a sign that we aren't healthy in some form or another. It's a symptom, and through our skin our body is speaking to us in the only way it knows how. 


1. How happy are you with your skin? 

2. Do you take care of your skin?

3. Do you see your skin as an inside job (nutritionally wise, but also on a mental + emotional + relational + deeper healing plane)?

4. Do you believe others can have beautiful skin, but you can't? (V untrue, and is a lie)

5. Do patterns exist in your skin?  (i.e flare ups in time of stress / distress) 

6. Have you tried almost everything, and you still haven't found what works for you? 

7. Why is having healthy + clear skin important to you? 

8. Are you willing to accept that healing takes time, and might require more patience than you think?

9. Why is your skin the way it is? 

10. Are you jealous of other peoples skin? (this isn't bad, it's simply an unmeet need that you see fulfilled in someone else. BUT it means you can achieve it too, that it's available for you!)

If you're looking to delve deeper into your body, mind and soul, while using nutrition, food as medicine, reprogramming your mindset, advisory into your true innate self, and to take your healing to the next level, I would love to be there for you, and look forward to connecting over a session.

If you're uncertain what I'm about, you can purchase my book here - which is the perfect first step in us working together. 



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