Been on the hunt for a Persian rug for awhile, her selections are the most divine 

My dream tea

Some of my favourite candles in the whole world - Not only are the pretty + cool, they only use coconut + beeswax, but makes them even cooler #eco 

Perfect pick for Paris this summer! 

This duo in skin collabs is a dream come true

Upgrading my workout gear, this brand + these leggings are the perfect fit 

SHE CAN DO NO WRONG! So excited for these...No words (GUT health is life) 

These linen sheets, on my manifestations list for 18'  #linensheetsforever 

Girl crushes + style sisters - I've always been a little rock n' roll, and wouldn't have it any other way 

Working on my fascia this year, foam rolling has become my new BFF, love this travel sized one 

This show, LOVE 


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