2018 is the year of CBD oil for me, this one looks like perfection 

THIS espresso cup 

The earrings strike back. My essentials - gold, some form of hoops + a classic cross 

European honeymoon attire

My favourite booch in the whole wide world 

I've been looking for a plush coat for the past few months, this is the one (I'm not a impulsive shopper + will always think, think, think + manifest it into my life)! It's on the list 

Dream dream dream towels

This nightstand. We've needed an upgrade forever, this one is fair-trade + sustainable and matches our style...BLISS 

Making this, as winter is still kicking about 

You will forever, and always be your worst enemy if you don't break the patterns + unblock your belief systems 

Call me cheesy, but this movie literally gave me all the feels, and I can't stop listening to the soundtrack. The messages in it will inspire you to your core... 


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