The earring saga continues. Love that you can buy these ones individually. Going to get the small cross + hoops, I think... 

Eating my oatmeal or chia puddings out of these bowls takes it to a whole other level. How you eat is important - It's why humans love dining out, it's an experience, lets bring this experience to our homes 

NEED!!! My wintry white skin is calling out for some glow + gold. It will also be a staple come summer, especially for my honeymoon in Europe. Gold glistening skin + summer whites 

Probiotics aren't the most friendly thing to travel with, but these packets make it uber easy. The thing that gets me about these is the added antioxidants + skin loving ingredients. I always look for duel purpose in my products 

I've never met an organic rose toner I haven't loved... The propolis in this one takes is key, especially when dealing with outer skin inflammation. Honey is healing 

YES , YES, YES. I love my keep cup, but these take re-usable cups to the next level. I'm really trying not to get take away cups when I get my Americanos at cafes, and this cup will make it doing so hard to resist. These unique ceramics take things to the next level 

SUPER high end quality Matcha for a small price tag...Home run... If you're a Matcha drinker, you're welcome :) 

My scent for 18' or dare I say my signature scent. I think I found it! It literally has every single note that I'm obsessed with 

Classy, sophisticated, yet with a slight edge. This dress will be perfect for my 2018 LBL Workshops in the works...!

DO IT NOW - What are we waiting for ? We will never be ready 

Do yourself a favour and watch this show... I promise, promise, promise you won't regret it. New fav!!!

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