Always on the hunt for new oils, elixirs, potions...until I'm able to formulate my own! (coming in 2018), but this one looks like a must try - it has some unique extraction methods + oils 

SLIPS forever 

I'm always looking to optimize my sleep. I've tried a few other gems from this brand, this one is next 

I've turned into a hat monster, my spring pick

Good Quality EVOO is everything - Truly, with things like this, quality over quantity everyday

This year is a V dental focused here for me. I neglected them for a few years (Haven't we all procrastinated on going to the dentist?) I'm now scheduling cleanings every 6 months, yearly check-ups, healing my TMJ more intensely, and finding new dentist gems like this, to make it all the more fun 

My HG sheet mask 

Speechless from this concoction 

If you're in or visiting Toronto, a new find, and a must go - All the bone broth + greens

On my list, I have a jade roller, which I love, but this stone has my heart 

WORD - I've never been more uncomfortable  (good un-comfort) this past month, and have never grown + expanded my self this quickly in such a short span 


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