image via unconditional magazine

image via unconditional magazine

Something that I will never stop believing and living is the fact that we all have a unique light within ourselves - Our bodies are the physical manifestation of our Souls, and when we start to live from there, learn how to tap into it, and continue to nourish it, the most magnetic, and beautiful things can and do take place.

We live in a society that is constantly dimming our light, whether consciously or subconsciously. We aren’t really taught how to harness this innate radiant beauty that we all possess - if anything we’re programmed to cover, hide, suppress, and fear it. Yet, when we see others in real life or in the media shining their light, authenticity, natural + unique beauty we are drawn to it like a firefly - we can’t take our eyes off of them.

Is there a magic formula to finding this inner light? Absolutely not, and if there was, you wouldn’t want it. It’s actually in growth that we find our most authentic and unique radiance.

I know in my own personal life this harnessing, learning, nourishing, and development of tapping back into my authenticity, and my own radiant light has taken work, patience, guidance, support and love. I’ve had to un-learn things that I grew up learning, and I’ve had to shed the layers that I built on my healing journey these past twelve years. Twelve years, and I’m still learning, growing, evolving, as we always will.v We like to think, or we so desire to wake up and be _______ (healed, symptom free, a new person, free, authentic… all the things) but it unfortunately never works like that. At least I’ve never found that to be true. I can only speak of what I know to be true for myself, my clients, and my daily learnings. There isn’t a quick fix, and through my journey I’ve come to discover I wouldn’t want it if I was handed it. What I’ve learned on this wild ride is priceless - no book, professor, lecture, module, guru, healer could of taught me this. None of it.

So while we all continue on this journey, I’m going to share a few things to help you sink deeper into your own radiance, into your own light. Again, there isn’t a one-size-fits all with anything (ESP ones healing journey), so allow yourself to resonate with some / skim over others / and shelf for later… We always find the “medicine” we need when we’re ready for it - body, mind, and soul

  1. BE KIND to others for no other reason than being kind, especially strangers

  2. GIVE YOURSELF a self-massage on a Wednesday - you don’t have to save self-care for the weekend or when you “Have time” - make time for the things that feed your soul + body

  3. STOP telling yourself you don’t have time to do _____ we create + make time for the things that are important to Us (and help us nourishing our radiance)

  4. TOUCH yourself or someone else - we’re all devoid of touch

  5. TAKE a cold shower

  6. FORGET all the diet rules - and begin to tap into what your unique cellular body, mind, and soul need to radiate

  7. STOP gossiping - nothing dulls your radiance more than outputting gossip into your energetic field - there is no time / place for it ever

  8. FOCUS on healing your hormones if you suspect, or know they are imbalance - as females balanced hormones dictate so much… it’s worth the time, energy, love to give them extra love & focus

  9. SWEAT in a way that feeds your spirit. We’re often pushed to do workouts that don’t resonate with us, because we want to be “strong”, I encourage you to do what feels best for You - regardless of muscle or strength. Power comes from tuning into your authentic soul, not by doing something out of habit / because you want to show your strength off.

  10. BE IMPECCABLE with your word - Integrity - these are little things, but I think they are super important. If you say you’re going to be some place at a certain time - make sure you arrive on time / a little early

  11. UNFOLLOW people on social media who are triggering you in a V unproductive way - it’s not worth it, and will continue to deem your light. Using someone as inspiration is completely different than seeing someone and continuing to feel “less than” through a 10 sec scroll - it is not and never will be worth it. Your radiance is unique to You - never allow others to deem it

  12. GET INTO NATURE - we have a lot of lessons to learn from MN - especially patience, it’s one of our biggest gifts + tools we can continue to use on our journey

  13. FIND SOULS that uplift, support, love, encourage you on your journey, and be mindful of letting those go that create drama, are negative, suck your energy, gossip… We choose who we are surrounded by, if we feel we “can’t” escape someones energy ( i.e. a family member) we have to put up our physical / energetic boundaries - saying NO must be a word that you’re not afraid of - it’s not bad / evil / negative - it’s one of the most radiant + power inducing words we have

  14. KNOW your personal and energetic boundaries - this is h u g e

  15. SLOW DOWN we’re forever praised for “hustling” and burning the candle at both ends, but this is the last way to find our inner radiance, and light. Yes, absolutely work hard (I’m all for hard work!), but we don’t have push ourselves into adrenal fatigue, hormonal chaos, hair loss, skin issue, autoimmune, etc… which is what happens when our bodies become stressed, imbalanced and riddle with toxins (physical & energetic)

  16. TREAT yourself - it doesn’t have to be grande, but buying a new natural skincare product, mask, cozy sweater, candle, etc… can be so powerful as it raises are worth vibration, not the material object, but the energetic exchange of - I worked for this money, so now I’m going to enjoy “x” thing in the most nourishing way - Again, it’s not about the object, but the energy behind it

  17. LET GO of emotions, thoughts, habits, patterns that aren’t serving you any longer… I know that’s a blanket statement, but just start to be mindful & aware of what these are. It has to start some place, start here and tune inwards, seek guidance, ask for help, cry, do the work, and trust

  18. READ more of what lights your fire - I’m really into books on the divine feminine, as most of my healing journey has come from the masculine ( fight, independent, logistical, hands on, battle, warrior, etc…)- we’re so digitally connected, that getting back to books or incorporating more can really help lower cortisol which is critical for inner + outer radiance (cortisol can be corrosive to our systems + organs + Self)

  19. BE CURIOUS - continue to be inspired, learn new things, be open minded, let judgement go, and allow things to unfold organically in the direction of your curiosity - for my RN it’s Kundalini yoga

  20. CONTINUE to recognize that there isn’t ONE soul like you, so your journey won’t look like anyone else’s. This can either deter you or fuel you, I challenge you to choose the second option. We often want to be given the magic pill for our ailments, pain, trauma, work, dis-ease, but I believe through the learnings, growth, journey is when we become our most magnetic, and our most radiant

There are many more, but these are what flowed first and organically.

We can never forget that we have a choice in our journey, we are n e v e r a victim to our environment or circumstances. Yes, absolutely there are exceptions & instances (esp. around the world), but most often than not we have a choice, we’re just a master at excuses, not taking ownership, are not willing to step into the work, as yes it takes work, practice, time, energy, nourishment. I’m definitely not perfect in my own journey, no one is.

But we all have our unique radiance, and light to shine, so never lose sight of that, and lay it at your Foundation, as your radiance will light the way no matter how you’re feeling body, mind, and soul. It’s there in lightness, and darkness. It’s these opposing forces that actually make it shine the brightest.


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