My favourite lip balm in the world released a new gem - I’ll be stocking up!

Just got this candle holder and it will be a staple, does candle season make anyone else super excited?

Fluffy coats are here, this one has caught my eye

Having my own personal infrared sauna is a dream / on my manifestation list - it will happen one day - until then I got a six session pack at the Carrot Common (In Toronto) that I’m excited to dig into - so many benefits to rejuvenate body, mind, soul & skin

I love a just kissed lip color, dabbing this on with the finger will give just that

We’re moving end of Nov / Beginning of December into a bigger space, so I’ve got all the home-y vibes going on, as we will be out of loft living and into a more homey space - This chair is a dream

Goop has some great publications, this is a simple, yet stimulating read

Bee pollen forever, especially coming into this season - it’s such a staple, and so powerful in its energetics body & mind

Kindness can change a life