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Right? Or Wrong? 

We've all been there, I know I have. 

We're taught as a society that more is always better. The more money we have - the better, the more likes - we've made it, more followers - affirmations of self (false sense of self, but none the less, external validation),  the more possessions - the greater your status, more cars, multiple homes, bursting closets, and the list goes on. We’ve been raised in a culture that more is better, therefore we now live in and with this program. It’s literally like you’re a computer, and it’s been programmed into you.

More, more, and more continues to swirl around our society today, and it’s not slowing down. I’m not saying it's bad or evil, we live on a material plane, therefore we can have / want material things, but the where this need/want is coming from is what matters. If you believe a *thing* will make you better, more popular, more likeable, have more status, etc... then that's the wrong energetics behind it, and it will never make you truly happy. Where attention goes is where energy flows. If we’re constantly fixated on the external, then we’re constantly living in the past, never truly being in the present moment, or even better in a state to co-create our future. The external forces almost always keep us stuck in survival based states, as we’re programmed to survive, and this heightens our focus on the external / material plane.

Note: None of this is coming from judgement, or jealously of external possessions of others, it's coming from pure light, love, observation and personal experience. It's also not coming from a lack mentality, aka aim to possess nothing or that we're undeserving of having material possessions. Which isn't the truth. I love traveling, having quality clothing - over quantity,  I spend money on organic food as it nourishes me so deeply, and I love green beauty + natural make-up, and curating my home + lifestyle in a very minimalistic, yet a vibe that fits my essence. Again, it's not about being a buddhist monk, or the opposite of that, it's recognizing that more is just More. It's not better, or worse, it's just More. 

Let's factor this into our health, body, and healing journey.  Trying all the things, but not seeing the results? 



When it comes to our health, we follow through with the same mentality. The more supplements - the better, using all the adaptogens - the more healing powers (hi maca, spirulina, flax, bilberry, camu camu, chia seeds, collagen, chlorella, acai, pearl powder, he shou wu, pine pollen, and the list goes on, and on....) sometimes I see smoothies with over 25 ingredients in them (again no judgement, we're conditioned, the more, the better), and that's just one meal. An endless amount of Doctors / Practitioners, and the pressure to keep on doing more, and more. On a survival based level we perceive that it’s doing our body good because we're taking X, Y, Z, filling our blenders up to the max, popping 20 supplements a day, doing intense workouts six days a week, and coming from a place of the more we do, the better we will feel. Not to say you won’t feel amazing, but what I want to bring energy to, is the intention and emotion behind it, because again all of the above is the external. We’re intaking, intaking, intaking, which leaves little energy for A) Going deep inside to our subconscious + our spiritual body B) Working with our bodies own innate healing capabilities.

If our bodies could speak - they would often say “slow down, this is too much, allow me to do my job - you can help me - but TRUST me, I know what I’m doing here. I was literally MADE to heal”

I know this all too well because I was there, for years, and years. At one point in my healing journey (that spanned over a decade) with lyme disease + many other symptoms / conditions, I was taking over 30 different supplements a day. Thirty! Not to mention doing colonics, cranio sacral, trying every single diet / lifestyle under the sun as there had to be the 'perfect' healing diet (there isn't, there is truly just the right foods for You, Bio-Individuality to it's finest), ultra violet blood therapy, eating a million nut butters, juicing, blending, dehydrating, eating only fruit for six weeks, sleepless nights spent on google + reading reviews, endless searches for the most healing foods, superfoods, and practices, and it went on and on. 

 More, more, more was my mentality, the more I do the better I will get + feel. While I don't regret a single point in my healing journey, as it served me at that time. I truly had to learn, and grow through it, my body + mind knew it was too much, and it was. And looking back now, it played a huge part of how I practice now, as when my clients come to me, most often then not I know exactly how their feeling, as I've been there, tried it, and know the experience of it first hand. It’s also why I’m not a quick fix practitioner, and start slow and steady as we work with the bodies own innate healing capabilities. If we don’t, we can run around in circles, never getting to the root, and never allowing the body to do it’s job.

The main energy around all of this is TRUST. It’s also something that along the way we’ve been led further, and further away from. From infancy we were taught to trust in Doctors as they held the medicine. We were sick, we ran to them. And this programming went on, and as this continued our trust muscle weakened, and weakened, and most of our trust muscles today are weak, and atrophied. Trust our body to heal? What? That’s insane… it doesn’t know what to do, I know what to do, the doctor knows what to do, and the most I do - the better I will feel. Part of my practice as a practitioner is to help guide you into this trust, and the Foundation that you’re the healer - not me. No one or thing will ever be your healer. It can sometimes be a hard pill to swallow, because it feels weighty, but I promise you there is only lightness in front of you….

NOTE: It’s not to say I don’t believe in herbs, supplements, many healing modalities - I do, and utilize them as our bodies need assistance as our lifestyles, stress factors, toxic environments can’t be ignored, and can be V damaging.

For myself personally, and along my journey, It wasn't until I took a step back, reassessed, shifted, let go of A LOT of supplements (at one point every single supplement) / superfoods / healing modalities and dug deeper that I noticed the most shifts. 

I began to do more  internal work - mind / body work on myself, simplified my protocol's intuitively, and tapped into my innate gifts  that things really started to shift in a major way. I wasn't 'healed', and symptoms didn't vanish when I stopped doing all that I was doing, there was still lots of growth and healing to do, but there was a difference, and the mental + physical energy was definitely shifting, in a palpable way.

There was room to breathe, and step into my own innate healing power. 

This is where the magic lies, as we were born with this power, born with this intuition, and hence born to heal from the inside out. It's available for all of us. 

In my practice, nothing is a quick fix. I will never, ever, ever prescribe an intense protocol right off the bat. I take my use of supplements + protocol's very seriously as each thing is very curated, specific, and singular to start with. From there we build, build, build while working with the body & mind to harness it's own innate healing wisdom and power, and not against it (which so much of modern medicine welcomes us to do). We've been taught to snip the intuitive chord of what our body truly needs, and wants, because of the pressures of more is better, buy this product as it will cure your symptom, take this pill as it will take away / mask all your symptoms, these workouts done 6 times a week intensely will get you the results you want, and the lists go on. I don't see healing as anything else but sustainable, doable, and available for everyone. Every one, it's not exclusive, it's inclusive.  It's definitely more work this way, but in my eyes it's the only way, as quick-fixes are fleeting, and other options (no judgement!) are simply band-aids for masking your bodies cry, whisper, or scream for deeper healing. Our symptoms don't lie, it's our bodies language, and it's saying we need to shift. 

And it's not about adding a million things into and onto the body, but stripping everything away, laying a foundation, starting anew, and allowing your body to actually take part in the healing process.

For if we don't trust our body, at the core level, it will be V hard for it to actually do what it's meant to do: heal. 

So what if on your healing journey - whether it's big or small - you took a step back, and really assessed where you're at, if you're trying to do too much at once, and if all that you're doing is actually hindering you, instead of helping you heal.  

I unequivocally understand where you're coming from, as it's our nature state to want to do and have more, but when it comes to our bodies, more is not always better. More is actually just More!




1. Are you doing too much consciously and / or subconsciously? 

2. Are you easily swayed by new superfoods, powders, supplements promising you results? 

3. Where does this stem from?

4.Do you feel better or worse for taking and doing more? Or is it a placebo?


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