2019 is almost here, and I want to get off my phone more and make my lists on paper again - loving the flexibility of this daily planner (No dates!)

Just released this week, and I’m super intrigued, esp with Ashwagandha so high on the ingredient list (tip: It’s always s u p e r important to look at the first 5 ingredients - if there is water (Unless it’s a hydrosol), alcohol, glycerin, glycol, or anything you can’t pronounce in the top 5, walk away…)

My heart + style will always be a little masculine / rocker style (I think it’s the Scorpio in me) - slightly obsessed with this sweater

QUEEN of dental health - a must read for everyone

Going classic with good old Jojoba on the bod this winter

These keep on popping up around me, going to take the plunge

Classic double breasted coat always - French Women will forever inspire me!

Organic sheet masks as the temperatures start to dip or a weekend treat for my skin ( I like doing masks on a Friday - close out the week by going inwards & nourishing body, mind, and soul)

Puts things into perspective, LOL