THIS blouse - paired with high waisted denim (classic or black) and I’m set for anything

The perfect lip 2 cheek from my favourite beauty brand in the whole world - you just need a few finger dabs and you’re set

Scents light my fire from within, this brand and this scent are magic

One of my favourite teas come winter - dandelion root is stellar for the liver, digestion, kidneys+ lymph

The coolest of planners - 19’ is coming… are you ready? There is still something so magical + solidifying when you write something pen to paper, instead of having everything digital

Reading now - SO good - esp for creatives / artists / business owners

All I dream about is a big white fluffy robe after my cold showers (I’ve gotten into them, and I’m obsessed)

Still my favourite hoop around - manifesting them into my existence

Hoodie season is here, and this hoodie couldn’t speak more to my essence

In love with this brand + candle, and the eco-friendly standards they stand by. It’s also made in Paris - my favourite city to date

Imagine ALL the energy we would save obsessing about this

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