NEW skincare brand to me! This balm caught my eye right away (I’m super picky as to products and what I use on my skin, so I allow my intuition to guide almost 90% of the job for me)

This print for the new house, it’s a classic + seen in many homes for just this reason - I shall never tire of it’s divine beauty

One of my favourite smoothie staples got a limited edition release going on

The winter colour - I don’t wear lipstick, but I envision this lightly dabbed on, and muddle up a bit to give my lips a more intense shade for all the holiday festivities

THIS sweater, no words - I feel like when I think of the chunkiest, coolest, yet most comfortable sweater - this. is. it

Always looking for books to awaken different parts of me

My relationship with sneakers started in July - when I started to feel a bunion coming (! Which I’m happy to report never reared it’s ugly head because of my daily commitment to wearing sneakers!) 4 months in, and I’m happy to say I’ve embraced them, but I do still wear high heels + boots ever so often, so I’m always on the look out to mindfully add to my sneaker addition ( addiction :) ) these instantly caught my eye

Shroom head over here, loving all of them, but lions mane is up there

ALWAYS a good reminder Frank

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