As much as I love the scent / perfume world, I just can’t do regular perfumes anymore so I’m always on the hunt for beautiful natural scents that incorporate from favourite notes - sandalwood being my top pick! This oil really does feel + small captivating

I recently re-discovered MANGO and I’m quietly obsessed with so many of their pieces + style vibrations. ALSO there use of “older” models + not photoshopping out wrinkles (see here + here ) is insanely refreshing! I’m also loving all their pant suits - especially this one

KICK the viruses + bacteria to the ground - as the season hits we definitely need to up our defences as I feel / sense there are so many more “bugs” out there!

Ethical cashmere for the most classic look of them all

NEW limited edition of my favourite candle brand - out of all 3 of the LE scents, this one is my favourite (smelt it on Wednesday + will purchase it to christen our new home!)

Our new couch via a rad Canadian Company - cannot wait for it to arrive as this is our first big home purchase together - I just turned 34 and I’ve literally never owned a new couch that speaks of my style - new beginnings call for foundational purchases that mean so much more than the material object at hand

CBD everything - delving deeper into the land of CBD products as so many are flying onto the market! I will not / deny their effectiveness and want to try new ones for myself + to speak from experience towards my clients, as I always like to speak authentically to things I’m recommending - it’s not possible for everything, but I really, really, really set the goal to be as integral as can be!

NECESSARY for all homes at all times - I always like to burn some during the day to clear the spaces energy, and my own

Just discovered this jewelry designer from Berlin last week via a beauty interview and I fell in LOVE with her energy, vibe, style and genuine nature - She is an expander, and I want to get her on the podcast! Until then, check out her beautiful, beautiful line - these hoops are a favourite

On the hunt for new cutlery as we’ve pieced together old, old ikea ones for years, and I’m ready for an upgrade - thinking of these or these

We don’t learn + grow at the mountain tops - sometimes hitting rockbottom (s) is necessary for our evolution + upgrading! WE WILL ALWAYS BLOOM AT THE END

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