I’m a sucker for adaptogenic powders. Now I have my favourites + staples, but when new ones catch my eye I’m pulled to them like a magnet. Ultimately I believe too much, can be too much, but if I’m trying a new powder I try to isolate it to see if I can sense an energetic shift in my body. Herbs are powerful + potent, so we must respect them. All of that to say, this one got me, so I want to give it a go as it’s ingredients + sourcing are stellar

Been burning these candles all week and I’m in love, especially June - That Juniper in there is mesmerizing

Love this look, love this cardigan. I’m super into wearing blazer + cardigans sans undershirts or even bras for that matter ( I hardly e v e r wear bras or underwear for that matter, lol, seriously)

Have yet to try this beautiful company and its oils, but it’s on my manifestations list - it’s just too good not to try

Borrowed this book (and will most likely add it to my collection!) + it’s incredible - it’s no surprise that I’m uber into energy. This book gives a solid foundation of our subtle body, and some of the major energies in the body and beyond

Listened to this podcast and just fell in love with Tata! She’s such a light in this world, and her vision, mission and products are strong, integral, and solid. I was saying y e s in my head the whole podcast as we definitely share the same belief system in many areas. I’ve never really dug into her products before, but this mask is speaking to me!

Who could ever have enough? I use them all the time at home and never seem to be without one, but like socks they tend to go missing, so this bundle could not be more life giving

THESE boots are honestly my dream winter boots - manifesting their existence into my life soooooon as it’s getting chilly

BEING a light is where it’s at - never ever ever forget your own radiance

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