Let's start with the internal. 

This topic of beauty will be a big one for my upcoming podcast ( GLOW DEEP ) - because it’s a simple, yet undeniable true fact that we all want to look and feel our best. I’ve never met a soul that doesn’t want to feel good, but along with “feeling good”, look amazing as well. It’s why the beauty, and fashion industries are multi billion dollar business, corporations. They are in business to help you feed this fact. I adore both industries, but what I’m 10 X more fiercely passionate about is the internal beauty that we all possess, which is ultimately ( what I believe) to be what allows the most radiant Self + Soul to shine through - even when we talk about internal + external beauty. When we get the inside right ( in body, mind, and soul ) be prepared from your most radiant skin, glossy hair, bright white eyes, an aura + essence about that you that others just can’t deny, you become a magnetic, as nothing is more radiant than your Authentic Self - so when we tap into that via body & mind, the external shifts that take place begin to unfold naturally - it’s just how our bodies were made.

The perfect example of this is when you know / see someone that is “externally beautiful” yet when you meet them they are rude, judgey or just give off a bad vibe… it completely turns you off, and you don’t even see the “Physical” beauty anymore, as their internal Self completely through you off, and “repelled” you in some form or another. This goes to show you that your inside will always speak louder than everything and anything else - because it’s all just E N E R G Y. When we focus on the energy of it all, it becomes less overwhelming, and we begin to take ownership of it as we are 100% in conscious control of your energetic selves + body.

Let’s now loop this into skin as energy, focusing on the internal will ultimately heal so much more, and on a much deeper level

The term 'you are what you eat' is becoming more relevant now, more than ever before - especially in reference to our beauty routines.  Back in the day it was all about magical pills, potions, creams, make up, anything external to enhance, brighten and heal.  There wasn't this heightened expression + education of "beauty from within", but I've found this isn't the case anymore.

From my personal experience of healing my skin, and my practice  through my work with clients (98% women) 80% of skin comes from within, while 20% of it comes from topical products / treatments (facials) / massage techniques. And when I talk about within, I'm also talking about the mental, emotional, suppressed trauma - emotions, hurt, pain, feeling like you're not living your purpose, etc... we forget or just aren't ware that all of this gets stored within our physical bodies.

We can't disassociate the way we think, and feel from the way our bodies manifest physically. They are so interconnected it blows my mind. 

Whenever we speak about health, wellness, and beauty we can't disassociate the connection between our cells, what we feed ourselves, and what we see on the outside. 

Glowing skin = digestion, eliminatory organs, liver // Shiny Hair = diet, protein consumption, lifestyle practices, and than you have the mental / emotional / and the Mind which both are affected by, which is on the other side of the internal equation (80% of the way your skin looks RN, today, in this moment). 

Think of how your skin looks when you're happy, fulfilled, living your purpose, and opposite to this - picture your skin when you're not feeling well, living in fear, unfulfilled in work / relationships / life in general - your skin will look so visibly different, as your cells are being affected on such a deeper level. Same goes with your hair. I can't even begin to tell you how much hair I lost when my body was physically unwell, but also when stress, loneliness, and fear were in the drivers seat. It's all interconnected. 

If you were to go take a look at your skin, and you see things that you don't like / want / feel bad about, it's your bodies way of telling you something is no right internally. Your skin is a window into your internal organs, system and ultimately your consciousness. If processes are disrupted, dis-regulated, not functioning properly, and your body is not in a state of homeostasis, than you will see it on your face. Each line, pimple, inflammatory response is your body speaking to you, that's the internal component to skin. 

Now onto the external. 

I feel so on fire about this topic, as I see so many women spend endless amounts of money on creams, procedures and products to help them glow, feel beautiful, gain confidence, when the heavy lifting starts from within. Let's just be clear, I won't judge a soul for their choices in terms of products / procedures, as I like my natural oils that cost $$$ (to each their own 1000%), but I will  educate + guide + advise + share, as ultimately the beauty industry is feeding into our insecurities, so it's a V easy lure and pull, as when we're at our lowest, the energy of desperation starts to seep in, and people will try anything.  I'm not denying goodness that can come from the beauty industry, not at all, I just want women to start healing, embracing, shining a light, focusing on the internal first, as there isn't a cream, procedure or product that will create the glow of a healthy, happy, fulfilled, authentic + magnetic women. Truly. Money or things will never, ever, ever buy that. 

We've been taught that it can, and will (and maybe you believe that - that's also okay - it's not your fault), but I believe true beauty, the glow that will knock you off your socks will forever and always come from within. We've created a beast that beauty is one thing, and now we have to go back and heal this. 

On the other hand women (the population) just don't know there are other options, they aren't educated on deeper and more sustainable forms of healing the skin.

To know that they don't have to do anything super invasive, that the skin is an organ, and needs healing just like our liver, lungs and kidneys do.  Furthermore, skin can be healed naturally, that there is a mental / mind (set) component attached to healing the skin, and that our internal organs are running the show when it comes to how our skin shows up on the outside.  Beauty companies / industries aren't shouting these off the Mountain tops, as it's a Billion dollar industry, so why would they? They want to "fix" your skin with more, more, more, and ultimately want to buy every new product on the market. They thrive off of your insecurities, and hope to create a customer out of you for life. 

Again, your skin is a window to your internal health, this will never change. It's steeped in our bodies purpose, function and creation. 

Let's now dig deeper as I always operate from a V holistic foundation in my practice. Nothing is e v e r taken in isolation, and we have to look at the big integrated, bio-individualistic source of self, as without healing the whole, it's very hard to heal sustainably, which is my goal for all my clients. If it can't be done sustainably, holistically, and in line with someones soul + purpose + innate & unique inner self, I won't do / prescribe / coach  or advise what isn't whole. 

This doesn't just relate to "Bodily / Physical"  beauty, because beauty is way, way, way more than our bodies, in essence it starts with our hearts, how we choose to show up in this world, giving back, our daily mindset,  how we treat others & ourself, the happiness and love we share, and the simplicity of smiles and laughter - that is true beauty. But in our society there will always be an emphasis on the external. This is part of our world, and the only way to combat this is finding our own balance, but a balance that is healthy. I'm not a everything in moderation gal, as some things in moderation just plain as day are not good for a humans soul or body. (Again, no judgement, as we all have to make our own choices, but I will always share from a genuine + authentic place). 

“Our whole life is a search for beauty. But, when the beauty is found inside, the search ends and a beautiful journey begins.”

 To be fully honest my skincare regime isn't 100% organic, natural and eco-friendly, it's pretty darn close, but I'm not a purist, because it's not realistic for me. (I'm talking to you sunscreen). I also don't eat 100% organic all the time, most of the time - always at home, but not all the time. I  go out for dinners, events, travel, etc...but 90-95% of the time it is. I always have to be real with myself, as setting myself up for failure or abstaining from food that is shared + made with love by a family member or friend, is also toxic for ones body & soul. 

When it comes to my skincare, I will always, always look to natural products first and foremost, 99% of the time, but I do use sunscreen, and although it's not 100% natural I've found one that works for me, and on the green scale is a lot more natural than the conventional ones out there. I've tried sooo many natural ones, and every. single. one left me with breakouts, no matter how pure, and expensive they were. ( I haven’t closed this chapter, as I’m always on the hunt of trying new ones). Ultimately, I live a very healthy lifestyle every single day, so a little bit of sunscreen, and some dinners out make me happy, it's a great balance. It's my balance,  and I infuse it with mindfulness. 

Back to the point though, as I feel like with social media, and pressure there is a over-emphasis on external beauty. Don't get me wrong, I think it's super important to feel like your best self from the inside out, and there is n o t h i n g wrong with nourishing your external self, as long as its not coming from ego. When it comes from ego, the issue at hand is never external, but there is even deeper healing to do. 

At the end of the day,  a good and kind heart, a smile and loving energy, this is beauty. This is what people notice and gravitate towards. You know those magnetic + radiating souls that yes of course everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, but you know those people who radiate from within, and it has nothing to do with their external selves. They are just the kindest and most genuine of souls, that is magnetic, that is beauty as someone is authentically being themselves. 

 Beauty from within, not only on a cellular level through the food we eat, but with the energy and kindness, and service we emit to others, this is what it all comes back to, every single time. 

I will always be a lover of natural beauty, products and self-loving rituals, as it's pure fun and I enjoy it, but this is just a piece of the beautiful puzzle. Your cells, heart, energy and insides are already beautiful, even though you might feel lost along the way, it's all a journey.

Don't forget that everything lies within, everything. What you choose to put into (food, drink, thoughts, beliefs, values, actions) + onto (products, masks, elixirs, facials) all play a massive role, but beauty is birthed deep within, forever and ever. 


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