One of the best collabs on the planet - I’m wanting to collect the whole line, but this one speaks to me first!

THIS IS A MUST FOR US ALL - I don’t think I really take into account the effect of blue light on my health / wellbeing over all cellular self. It’s just so “natural” to us, yet it’s anything but. I’m committed to being way more mindful of my exposure, and really taking things into my own hands

These pants and this sweater - aside from jeans and a T or jeans and a blazer - my two go-to’s, I think a big chunky knit + faux leather pants are where it’s at, for me personally. I love, love, love a classic, minimalistic, masculine, yet refined look. I have no idea if those go together, but if you were to sum me up style wise, that’s what it would be

THESE cards - just came across them, and would love them in my life. Would be so good for business, personal + bringing to a dinner party, a girls night, a couple night… whatever - I think they are brilliant

I’m all about natural all - in - ones - I rarely wear anything but RMS un-cover up (I’ve even gone eyebrow + eyelash nude - au natural) but I nice little glossy glow on cheeks and lips, especially in the winter as I tend to look like a ghost…THIS one is perf

Came across this planner in a store this past weekend and really loved the concept - going to look through it once more to see if it will be a good fit for 2019 + LBL planning, dreaming, conceptualizing, manifesting + forecasting… all the things for the most abundant 2019 for us all

Living Libations can do NOTHING wrong - I mean. Their formulations + integrity in all the areas is next level. I’ve never tried any of their essential oils, but want to - this is the first one that hit me

I’ve been looking for a docking device for awhile as I’m not a fan of white chords all about, don’t love my phone laying on the floor, and just think it’s so nifty that it charges + is a speaker in one - this one speaks to my love for Scandinavian design

Vintage Levi’s re-worked forever - these are on my list for 2019!

Committing to getting financially savvy in 19 - I think as women it’s just something we put off, or weren’t taught to do. We’ve been modelled by our parents or upbringing that the “man” takes care of the finances (investing, banking, etc…) not for me - I want to become so financially savvy + literate + autonomous from my Husband in all the ways. I want to know what to do with my money, and how to do it. Here is to taking control of our prosperity, as this doesn’t stem from ego, but from the place of we live on a material plane therefore we can have whatever we desire. No guilt or shame involved - this is different for all of us, so it’s something we must look, and heal for ourselves - this book has been highly recommended

SO, SO, SO, SO IMPORTANT ALWAYS - but especially this time of year. Don’t let yourself flow in the new year with resentment, hurt, and anger towards someone or something - it’s just not worth it and is preventing you from moving forward

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