If I think back I've always been fascinated with  skin + "beauty". My first memory of skin / beauty was walking through the beauty department of The Bay or Sears with my Mama (who heart-wrenchingly passed away in 2003) and looking at all of the products, and advertisements and being in complete Awe. My yearning to grow up so I could partake in all of this left me one happy camper, as I thought to myself "One day....".

I looked at this world through rose-coloured glasses, as it meant growing up, stepping into my Womenhood, and embracing who I was / am innately. While my thoughts + practices have shifted since then, I still believe fundamentally as women we want to feel, look, and radiate inside out our most authentic selves. This is what beauty means to me. Feeling my absolute best inside (Mind + Body), and letting that radiate outwards. Forever, and ever...

I was exposed to beauty early on as my Mama was a sucker for the monthly Clinique bonuses (remember those guys?), and I would steal a little mini for the kit to experiment for myself.  From there my relationship grew as my Godmother got me my first perfume, lip smackers made their appearance, teenage spots hit (proactiv anyone?), and the biggest of all was when I started dancing, which meant I got a caboodle + was able to fill it with copious amounts of  "stage make-up" because I was a dancer, and we were all doing it! Even though I can cringe at all of the conventional products I got exposed to, I can also smile in joy, as I really didn't know any better, and those memories I shared with my Mama will live with me forever. 

Gone are the days of dancing, make-up (I rarely wear any now, and opt for glowy skin + rose bud lips au natural products), and strolls down conventional beauty product aisles.

But my love for skin, beauty (iN the form of wellness / the relationship between inner health - shining to outward beauty), and all things health and wellness burns stronger than it ever has. 

The big thing with all of the above was that everything was focused on the external, and I had no idea what internal beauty, wellness, being healthy, and how deep internal factors could dictate how things showed up on our external body. Not my fault though, as when we're little we don't really have the conscious mind, and thought pattern to make these connections. We act out of pure subconsciousness. 

Rewind things back to around 2006, when I started to elicit symptoms of what six years later would become the diagnosis of Chronic Late Stage Lyme Disease, and my whole world, view point, belief system and thought patterned shifted, in life, but more specifically in healing, and how the mind / body connection really works. And why if we are to heal the body, we must also look inwards to not only our organs, and internal physical workings, but the subconscious mind, our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and internal stressors. This applies to a much larger holistic whole, but I'm going to focus in on Skin today, as it's one of my passions, and boy oh boy have I've been through the ringer with my own skin. 

It was around 2008 when my deeper acne started to show up. I awoke each morning with a new blemish, went to bed drying them out. Trying DIY remedies ( lemon juice on scars - don't do it! Washing my face with olive oil - made it worse!), I continued to confuse my skin with endless products - reading blogs / articles trying to find miracle skin products, suffice to say it all made it worse. My skin would pigment like crazy, and I started the bad habit of picking, and popping my skin for the yearning of just a flat surface on my epidermal layer. Many other crazy things ensued, and it was tied to a myriad of deeper health concerns / illness - Lymes, Hypothyroid, Low B12, zero confidence, physical + mental pain, Major hormonal imbalance (No period for 4 years), and intense Gut distress, and damage. 

Early on in 2006 when symptoms presented I made the connection early on between my cellular nature, and food feeding my cells, and intuitively connecting the energies of the body, and nourishment. Yet when it came to my skin, I reached for any and everything external - because I'm sure like you (and most of the clients I see) want a quick fix!

Please, please, please don't feel shame or guilt for wanting a quick fix, it's simply what society teaches us. Have acne put this lotion on, pop this pill, and watch it disappear. I.E a "a pill for a ill". When it doesn't , we feel like there is something wrong with us. It's what I wanted, but alas it didn't work, and through my decade long journey through health, and healing, I'm here to tell you it never works.

Healing, feeling like you’re at rockbottom, going through a difficult period / season is a learning experience (ONE of the best teachers you will EVER have in life), it teaches us things we wouldn’t be able to learn when we are on the mountain tops touching the rainbows. Life just doesn’t happen like, and you don’t want it to. There is always yin to the yang, and it’s through the valleys where we learn, grow, upgrade, evolve, and heal the most. What you resists, persists. If you aren’t listening, the Universe keeps on playing with you until you open up a little wider, shift things up, do the work, and turn right instead of left (if you’ve been going left for too long). Without my valleys I can truthfully say I wouldn’t be doing what I do today, and I wouldn’t be the soul in the body that I’m in right now. It’s stretched me beyond my wildest of dreams, and it still does as I feel as if I’m being upgraded again as these past 7 months were full of valleys. When we learn to embrace the now, be in the valley to learn / grow / evolve I believe magic exists on the other hand. It’s what I’ve experienced, continue to see manifest, and it’s now just a deep belief instilled within in that I must nurture on the daily, as it’s easy to get knocked off.

OK, back to skin and the subconscious…

Absolutely you might start seeing relief after a few weeks, or even noticing some minor shits in a few days, but anything sustainable, and deeper takes time, tuning inwards, and connecting with our subconscious self to really address, heal, unblock, and surface suppressed emotions, grief, pain, anxious thoughts, depression, beliefs, and how stress shows up in mind, body, and soul. Seem like a lot? It often is! Possible? In every way. I'm here to tell you, as I've been there, healed my skin naturally + extensively, and while it wasn't a easy journey, it was worth it as it intimately connected me to my body, mind, soul, and purpose. 

I wanted to share a few thoughts regarding the link between healing the skin, and your sub-conscious. This might be a new concept for you, or you might be well on your way linking your emotions + belief systems + energies to your skin. Wherever you are in the process, I hope this shines some light on your journey to healing your skin ( + body as a whole). My forever goal for all of you //

1. We are energy, not matter

Seems a little crazy when we dig deep as all we know is matter. But if we're energetic beings, and thus our skin cells vibrate with energy.  We can shift our skins cellular nature through energy alone. While it might not lead to rapid results, we cannot underestimate the power of energy, shifting it, harnessing it for healing, and stepping into it to use it for good. I.E Think placebo studies + being your own placebo. It blows my mind e v e r y single time. We're powerful you guys! BEYOND YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATION. 


Your parents suffered with bad skin, have X,Y,Z type therefore you're destined for the same - These subconscious beliefs can have you swimming in their reality forever, leaving you never to discover your true skins health or nature. While yes absolutely we get genes from our parents, the study of Epigenetics is real, and through lifestyle, nourishing our gene + cleaning up methylation, nourishing foods, sleep, altering habits, shifting mindset, we can turn On or Off specific genes. If that isn't miraculous I don't know what is? You are not destined to your parents health / state / mindset / body type /  skin / hair / life. While they might plant the seed, YOU are the one to determine how, when, where and how miraculously it grows. You have the power. You. 

3. Your belief system

Grow up with a belief system that you never had nice skin, and that "average" skin was just your destiny. Maybe it was reinforced by bullies in school, or by your parents - due to their own skin / health issues, or simply because they led you to believe you get what you were born with. If you believe deep, deep down that your skin is the way it is and there is not much you can do to heal it, than it will be very hard to shift it, as on a deep level you don't believe you're worthy of having your best skin. (I don't just believe in healthy skin, I want you glowing, radiating from the inside out, and truly, truly, truly having the skin of your dreams).

4.  Stop comparing your skin to others

Especially if you're doing this online! This can halt your healing as you're constantly turning your energy outwards, or you're buying endless products and supplements to achieve their skin. A few things to remember - Your skin is unique, has a microbiome, and therefore you must treat it holistically and individually. Further you never really know how much truth is being shown online as we live in a world riddled with filters + touch up apps + blurring devices. As cheesy as it is, when I post a photo sans make-up or anything, I always like to say "no-filter", as I want to show you real time skin, not to boast, or say look at me.  I've done a lot of healing on my body + skin, I simply want to show you whats possible for you. It might take a different path for you to get there, but I believe it's available for all of us. 

5. What are you not addressing that is deep within your subconscious / soul?

We often time just think that healing is an outside job. Do this, make that, take this, and voila! But this is what I learned along the journey of healing my body and skin. It's more of an inside job than we know, or are willing to face. What patterns do you keep on looping in your mind + thought process ? Do you even believe you're worthy of having healthy + glowy skin? Do you feel guilt, shame, fear, anxiety over any sort of healing? Does it seem like you have to climb a mountain to get there, so you just don't even try? What is it that you're not bringing to light, this is 100% affecting your skin. Because what's one of skins worst enemies - S T R E S S . Supressed beliefs, emotions and thought patterns can absolutely manifest on the physical realm. Again, might be a weird concept to wrap your head around, but energy really does present as matter / physical

6. Stress

It's living within you on a subconscious / conscious and physical realm. As stated above, if we don't learn and practice the transition from sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (rest & digest) our skin will continue to plague us, flare, be inflammed, worsen, stay chronically dry, etc... Our bodies are not meant to be living in the state that it's living in which is why we're seeing endless diagnoses of autoimmune disorders, illness, mental health imbalances, rosacea, acne, etc... Our skin is a organ just like our heart and brains are, it can just be too much for our skin, as our skin is ruled by our other organs. No where else to dump out toxins? Hello, skin, we are giving these to you, so you can eliminate them as we just can't have this toxic load in our bodies. 

Ultimately our bodies are smarter than we will ever fathom in a lifetime. We must work with it, and not against it. And we must, must, must learn to fuse our Mind, with our Body, and dig deep down to unearth all of the above. 

I tell all my clients, or people who comment on my skin, that it wasn't a easy journey, but it was my greatest teacher, and I'm still on the journey. Just like you I have to check in with myself, manage my stress (or else I see it in my skin), nourish myself in the correct manner for my unique microbiome, and turn inwards often to find my place in this crazy world. 

It's not about doing a million things, it's about simplifying the journey, getting support as we are not meant to go through valleys alone (if + when needed), and trusting and knowing that you're worth it all.