Love this skincare collab intensely - and as temperatures dip, this whole line is top notch

My obsession with GANNI started earlier this year, and I just can’t seem to let go of their pieces, effortless styling, and undeniable Danish vibes - which are some of my favourite. When it comes to style, and fashion I rather have a few pieces that I love than many. I’m really, really, really trying hard not to purchase H&M and Zara for their business practices don’t truly align with my values… but it can be so tempting as it’s so easy on the wallet - and it’s so accessible. Going into 2019 I’m consciously making the decision to invest in more quality items… manifesting this now… Obsessed with this whole look

I’ve been using this for the past week and it’s a winner - for some reason I’d never really felt drawn to pine pollen (I’ve tried a million other adaptogens) but I allow my body to speak to me as to when it wants to try something as there is just so, so, so much on the market it can be insanely overwhelming. So in using my bodies intuitive gauge this came up, and I’ve incorporating this into my smoothies, and I’ve really been loving the extra boost

THIS oil - a classic staple in my beauty cabinet and one that will forever be. It’s so insanely versatile and the ingredients are just too pure and good to let it out of sight

Ceramic espresso cups because… see below!

I’m always on the hunt for new + natural incense - I came across these at one of my favourite shops in Toronto - that’s now in my new hood, and it’s like being in a forest without actually being in one. Holiday vibes x 100

ANOTHER Ganni piece that I can’t get over - I’m a blazer lover through and through and am constantly on the hunt for ones - will be putting this one on my list!

N E W chairs for the office - excited to breath the most healing energy into this space

Holiday Look - I envision this skirt with black tights, boots, and a chunky knit for Christmas Eve

My husband came back from Europe only wanting to drink espresso’s as that’s just how they role over there. He came back and just couldn’t drink anything else - so he came home the other day with this guy! I have to admit - with some organic fairtrade espresso beans these guy is gladly welcomed into our new home. NOTE: I do drink coffee! I didn’t start drinking it until I was around 23, and then gave it up for about 2 years from 27-29, and now I do enjoy a small organic americano in the AM. It brings me joy, I balance it out with liters of water, green juices, smoothies, celery juice… and can go without it - I just love it - and when my body feels like it needs a break I give it to it. I know cofee


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