There are a lot of faux glow products out there, this isn't one of them 

THESE, will be teaching myself the art 

Getting back into this! 18' is the year of dental care for me as it's too easy to ignore, but so vital for holistic health 

I for real want one in every colour - they even use organic cotton 

Handmade ceramic bliss 

More D. hygiene - Upgrading my toothbrush

I will forever be a outer wild child (I love black & leather) while inside i'm introverted, calm, and V gentle. These satisfy my outer + inner self 

A client introduced these scents to me, will have to go try them all out, but from glance this one speaks to me 

All of my favourite scents + oils combined, what a treat ( i adore oils, scents, and using my olfactory senses to calm, soothe, and bring me back to moments, places + people) 

I don't own a brush, combs are my thing. You can't go wrong with a classic, especially when it comes to my thick mane (brushes make my hair static + too smooth)


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