WHY AREN'T I HEALING? new Series Intro! 

Why are you still experiencing symptoms ?

Why isn't your body healing? 

Why are others healing, and you're not?

Are your symptoms coming, going, coming, going? 

Every time you think you're in the clear, do symptoms come back?

Am I healthy, or am I thriving?

Do I feel the best in my body & mind - Right now or Desired state?

My practitioner doesn't believe in me?

I just can't lose weight or lean out no matter what I do!

I feel so disconnected with my body!

What is my body truly trying to tell me?

I'm frustrated with my doctor / practitioner...! 

What's really going on?

Why is my body rebelling? 

Why does my skin keep breaking out when I'm eating so healthy?

What foods are causing me distress?

I'm eating so healthy, but I'm still bloated!

I feel alone in my healthy journey!

No one really understands, and this is causing me distress.

Do you see yourself in any of these?

And the questions flow. I could go on, and on, as I see it all the time in my practice, but it's also what I experienced first hand. I was doing so, so, so much to try and heal my body, not just for a few months, but a decade. My journey with lyme disease was definitely quite intense, but it doesn't alter the states of how someone feels when they aren't living their optimal, and feeling their best. Ultimately when it comes down to it I believe it's our birthright to heal, and to function in a thriving based state, not survival.  I don't classify illnesses in severity, as I believe illness is asking us to change, shift, wake-up, question, unblock, grow, evolve, forgive, and heal. Further, the body doesn't make mistakes, it just doesn't, so everything that's going on is our body trying to speak to us, hence if we know the language that it's speaking, we can heal anything that ails us, I believe this to my hearts core. It's why I do what I do, and will continue to do until eternity. 

In my case, and journey, I was seeing countless practitioners, felt so disconnected to by body - as it kept on "rebelling", which isn't the truth, followed some of the most healing protocol's in the world, started juicing, was eating copious amounts of greens, was on supplement regimes that required me to purchase a V geriatric pill case (I wish I was joking, and looking back it's V humorous, but at the time it was sad + frustrating,  had endless blood drawn to monitor my levels, did colonics, and the list goes on. But I did get better, I healed, and I continue to heal, evolve, grow stronger, more resilient, and am constantly on my path to help others on their journey. I've healed, and if I was able to, so can you. Is my health perfect, is my skin perfect, no nothing ever is (except nature), but I'm growing deeper everyday just like you, and I've done a lot of work to get here, which is why I ask my clients to go deeper. 

 Healing isn't exclusive, it's available to all of this. 

So where do we go from here? 

The questions that YOU should start to ask / 

Am I following lifestyles / diets that I see on the internet because "X" person got results?

Am I eating right for Me, and no one else?

Do I follow something, a protocol, a style of eating, cutting out food groups, but know it's not right for my body genotype (DNA) & phenotype (physical expression)? (more on this as the series goes on!)

What's my dosha, and how /why  should I lean into this? 

Am I willing to take a deeper look within?

Do I believe that my mind can be perpetuating my symptoms and illness?

Can my mind actually heal me? 

What is my body truly trying to tell me?

Why haven't I healed?

What are my triggers?

Where am I blocked - Mind + Body?

Where did I learn my behaviours + belief systems?

Do I truly believe I can heal, that the body can heal from anything?

Do I trust me body?

Do I love my body?

Am I worthy of healing?

Am I will to make small sacrifices for life-long wellness? 

Am I ready + willing to do the work?

Do I see myself as my # 1 investment, and my health as my priority?

And again, the questions flow. 

I wanted to get you thinking, as I'm launching my new series "WHY AREN'T I HEALING" as I want to bring up reasons, situations, experiences, patterns, as to why this isn't happening, as per the first questions at the beginning of the post. So many of my clients come to me after they have tried countless prescription meds (some V hardcore - I.E Accutane) with no success, rounds of antibiotics, have seen heaps of doctors, practitioners, have run countless blood tests, and been on a whirlwind of a journey. In these states of medication driven treatment (No judgement, our society has simply perpetuated this as the norm), Dr's, healthy diets, fad diets, exercise, etc... why aren't they getting . better? Or if they do get better, why do relapses occur? 

This is what I want to demystify, and shine light onto, and uncover in this New Series. And when I talk about states of dis-ease, it doesn't have to relate to serious illnesses (it can, and in my case it did), I mean any state which the body is at a dis-ease, from mild joint pain, to acne on the face, to bumps on the back of the arm. We can't surrender and just accept a state of survival health (at least that's not what I want for you), and just accept that we're meant to feel sub-optimal. 

It's not normal for our bodies to feel bloated after we eat,  wake up with a headaches, have no energy, gain lots of weight in a short amount of time ( a healthy body can lose weight), feel achey, have random or specific joint pain, lose hair, break-out, only have 3-4 bowl movements a week, as this means something is off, something is unbalance, and our body is trying so hard to get back to it's optimal state, to find it's homeostasis, and for you to heal. That's all your body wants for you. Truly. It doesn't lie, it's not out to get you, it doesn't make mistakes, it's not being bad, and symptoms shouldn't be silenced, as they will only return later in life, if not now, than in 2, 5, 10 years. 

I lost my health, and this is where my passion comes from. Through all that I learnt and experienced, if I can help others cut their healing time in half, guide them into discovering their own innate healing power, and coaching them into a state of optimal health, than I will do just that, as I love my work to the depth of my soul. 

I know I can get super passionate about this, because at the end of the day I only want you to heal, unblock your hidden triggers, find the root cause, find your authentic self, live your dream life, and remain vibrant and energetic into old age. If you don't want these things, that's okay too, I can only speak my truth, and from experience. I love all humans, and I know the potential and healing capability of the body, as I witness it first hand. 

So as we begin this new month, and new series I hope to instil hope within you. That if you aren't where you want to be, that's okay, and you will get there. It will take work, it will take stepping outside your comfort zone, and if you've been working away for years on your healing journey do. not. lose. hope. Healing in any capacity, big or small, mind & body, is 100% possible. Sometimes just believing it's possible is the first step. 

If you're looking to delve deeper into your body, mind and soul, while using nutrition, food as medicine, reprogramming your mindset, advisory into your true innate self, and to take your healing to the next level, I would love to be there for you, and look forward to connecting over a session.





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