I get V excited when I discover new natural skincare / body lines. I take skincare seriously as our skin is our largest organ so everything we put on it soaks in + through it. This brand is something to get excited about! AND it's microbiome friendly... NL (next level) 

Customized classic handbags are my style - nothing over the top, but quality, quality, quality - I'm also a sucker for monogrammed goods. This fits all the check-points... It's on the list 


Another HG product that's a staple for me, as I also take sun care super serious ( I'm not serious in RL, just insanely passionate!) As S/S 18' peers it's head, it's time to stock up

The perfect size for my potions, elixirs + matcha's - hand-made with so much love 

My forever scent

Classics forever and ever 

The Daily Hit - what your salads have been missing...

Taking my body brushing to the next level 

A feminine / yet classy take on the LBD - My summer staple 

WE MUST LIFT EACH OTHER UP! We are all in this together (men + women) the more love + kindness the better it is for every single soul on this planet 


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