Organic hair oil in this bottle, yes ! 

Vintage stripped organic oversized T - Seriously perfection 

Blue Beauty

Love this colour + love this pillow. It's perfect for my meditations + Reiki clients 

Turmeric + Matcha powerhouse - Two of my favourite ingredients in one drink 

New Sneaks

This looks like absolute heaven - I imagine a dreamy scrub in the AM... and soft rosy lips to last the day

MORE MUGS PLEASE - Anyone else have an obsession with ceramic + handmade mugs? 

A new way with vegetables - I'm pretty whole and simple when it comes to how I cook my veggies, but I'm wanting a little inspiration, this book is it! 

The dopamine bean - yes, yes, yes - Sunpotion 4 lyfe 

Van Gogh W. O. W  


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