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Have you been classified into a specific skin category?AND BEEN IN THAT CATEGORY SINCE YOUR TEENS WITHOUT QUESTIONING IT?

Let's begin to question this. 

Have you come to just accept your skin as super dry, sensitive, oily, acne-prone, combo, inflammation prone, pigmentation sensitive, etc... ? So many categories, so many absolutes which doesn't lead us to tailoring our skins needs to specific seasons, periods in our life, growing older, and just the fluxes of hormonal changes that we go through as each day passes, because our cells, bodies, and especially our hormones change daily. Have you ever gone to bed with no pimples, and some how over night wake up with 1, or 2 pimples out of no where? I have on many occasions. Things can change quickly, we're always in beautiful fluid motion, and our body is always speaking to us. 

A lot, if not most of these classification come from an outside source. Whether it be through skin quizzes (remember those in Cosmo / Teen Mags? ), Doctors, Sephora Staff (I mean they know their products, and don't mean harm, but they truly just want to sell you products),  your parents have probably told you your skin type before, or heck just making it up because it's all so confusing.

I remember when I was pre-teen / teen and and I went to see a dermatologist as my Mom wanted to see why I was breaking out the why that I was. Of course he just offered prescriptions, which we never filled, but he also classified my skin - Oily / Combo / Acne-Prone. It was like some sort of branding - This is your skin type, you won't deviate from it, you must use oil-free products because your skin is oily (not the truth, not even in the slightest), and you will break out, so be prepared. Not so nice Dr, but of course he meant no harm, this is what they are trained to do. But I've carried that "branding" with me for a really long time, always choosing skincare based on my "type", instead of listening to my internal needs, and healing my skin on a deep level, so it's just normal, as that's how healthy skin should be. No type, just my skin. Healthy, living and breathing it's life, radiating from within, and being able to withstand different natural products, and oils without having to fear the pimple parade. This journey takes time though, as I've walked the road through acne, pigmentation, excessive breakouts, zero sex hormones, no thyroid hormones, and my lyme disease. So my skin journey hasn't been the easiest route, but it's taught me a lot. 

Yes of course, I do believe there are different skin types on this planet, but I believe we're too ready to adopt a specific classification, view it as a skin-sentence, and therefore lose our power, and ability to change our skin on a V deep level (internal) which is where skin externally originates from.  

Dry skin? We must look within and feed your skin nourishing fats, address mineral / vitamin deficiencies, and see what the root cause is. 

Excessive oil? Hello hormones! A little oil is good, as it prevents fine-lines & keeps your skin supple, but too much oil, means an overproduction of hormones somewhere. We must look within to find the answers. 

As I delved deep here, your skin is always speaking to you, and if we listen, we can then nourish it differently, assess it in a holistic view, feed it the nutrients it wants / needs (internal + external), instead of just thinking we're doomed with our skin the way it is forever. It's not true. Just as an organ can regenerate, so can skin, it being our largest organ and all. It's actually pretty miraculous if you ask me. Get cut? We don't have to tell our skin to heal, or do anything to it, it just heals. It knows what to do. 

We just live in a world that is noisy! There are endless beauty sites, instagrams, companies, beauty bloggers, websites, quizzes telling you how your should be, and what type of skin you have. But instead of just being handed a skin-sentence, how about having the power and knowledge to shift your skin outside of what you think it is, and heal it in a sustainable way? 

Just as we shift things internally, we must look to the 20% which is the products we use externally. Seasons shift ( I always shift things up with the seasons, so around four times a year), make sure I'm nourishing my skin extra hard pre-menstrual cycle, and if it's excessively cold (which it is here in Canada), I double up on oils internal, and external. 

I know this might take more work, inside and out, but it will lead you down a sustainable and healing journey with your skin. I just don't see things as absolutes, it's V scary territory. It tells our body, and mind that we have no control over our current or past circumstances, that we are letting the Universe take hold, instead of Us creating with the Universe, and having a part to play it in all. Because you do! Things don't happen to you, they happen for you. 

So if you're unhappy with your skin, you've been labeled as a 'dry skin' or 'oily' girl it's time to look within, and start seeing the control you actually do have over your skin, and in the larger picture your circumstances. 



1. What have you been told about your skin?

2. Do you believe it to be true?

3. Is it coming from an outside source?

4. Has it been this way since your teenage years?

5. Have you noticed shifts in your skin these past 5 years?

6. Have you changed your products since then? (You must!)

7. Are you happy with your skin?

8. What do you want to change about it?


We can't shift, what we don't bring into consciousness. 


If you're looking to delve deeper into your body, mind and soul, while using nutrition, food as medicine, reprogramming your mindset, advisory into your true innate self, and to take your healing to the next level, I would love to be there for you, and look forward to connecting over a session.



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