As a society I believe we've come to normalize our symptoms, especially the ones that go deep within our cells, tissues, muscles, essentially symptoms we either can't see or ones that don't really effect us on a day to day basis, as we've 1) Learned to deal with them, and just go on despite feeling "x" way 2) We don't see it, so we don't really give it the attention it needs, and 3) We've been taught to just take symptoms, our bodies way of speaking to us, and suppress them, band aid them up, and just mask what's really going on (not judging a soul for people on medication, I have the most empathy & compassion, I just want others to see another way).

I truly think that there are so many people living sub-optimally, due to symptoms that have just been normalized. 

This can come in many different forms, but most often I see it in my practice, or in the world, as people eliciting symptoms such as frequent headaches, or a certain pain that comes and goes (internal inflammation), skin rashes that  are either consistent or flare (I just have sensitive skin, or my family is prone to rosacea) and while we live with these symptoms, normalize them, and sweep them under the rug, our bodies are asking us to lift up the side of the rug, see what's underneath and dig a little deeper to get to the root of the problem. 

In my own healing journey with lyme disease I don't know how many times I just said, "Oh that will go away", or even when I started to heal on a very deep level, "Oh this is just a side effect of a chronic illness". And while yes, it can be beneficial to not hyper stress about our bodies, it's even less beneficial to not know the why behind the initial reason of why your body is producing "X" symptom in the first place. 

Why do we bypass the state of thriving, being in our best body & mind, and living the most abundant and authentic life? 

We're led to believe it's normal to have body aches and pains, to experience sub optimal sleep, to not be energetic, to just be low in mood because of a laundry list of reasons, to have acne, to get colds all the time, and to just be unwell. We think that 4pm slumps are normal ( they aren't), and they pains just come and go (they don't and shouldn't). 

This is why I'm so hyper passionate about healing. I don't believe that we're meant to be pain ridden, disease bound, and trapped in our bodies and minds. This can be with regards to anything we're experiencing. Symptoms such as acne, skin dryness, poor circulation, low libido, lack of motivation, to more intense illnesses such as cancer, autoimmune  I know when I was at my sickest - in body and mind, I just wouldn't accept this as my truth, no matter what. If others had healed, and if people are living their healthiest, happiest, and most abundant life why couldn't I? 

Call my crazy optimistic ( I am), or just plain crazy, but I do believe you, we, your loved ones can heal from anything. I don't think we have to live in Utopia, to embody this state of mind, and wonder of our bodies, and their capabilities. I just believe we've been led, and taught to normalize, and just accept a certain way of health, body, mind and life. "Other people can live their dreams, but that's not for me"...NOT true. I won't let a single one of my clients believe this, as it's not the truth. It's just not. 

I'm hyper focused on re-programming this for my clients, as we've essentially been programmed to accept that through life, and aging, we're meant to get x,y,z symptoms. Yes, I fully understand states of recovery, I was there for awhile, but I had to retrain my brain to not accept any single one of my symptoms (I had over 80!) as normal, ingrained, and just something I had to cope with, in terms of being diagnosed with a "chronic illness". Which I refuse to believe. 

Where does this drive, purpose, optimism come from? It comes from me being in your shoes, where you are in this moment. I was V sick for over a decade. I was undiagnosed for six years, and was diagnosed with chronic late stage lyme disease in 2012. I know what it feels like to lose your health, vitality, and what some people would say "years of living". But I also know what it feels like to heal, restore, gain back my life, health, vibrancy and in an even better state than when I was 22. Which is a decade ago. I honestly know for a fact that I feel better - from the inside out than I did 10 years ago. 

Not a case of Benjamin Button, but me not normalizing, and accepting my symptoms as final, and ok. 

If we're a completely different human every seven years, on every single cellular level, than our bodies have the ability to heal beyond our wildest of dreams. 

You might be thinking this is far out there, but it's not. I believe what's far out there is that we have to learn to live with anything but feeling like an insanely healthy + happy human. I know it's not a walk in the park, I know it takes work, time, investment in ones health - I've done all of the above and more, but it's worth it all. 

My hope for you is that you don't normalize any symptom that you're having right now in a compassionate, mindfulness and intuitive sense. We've simply been cut from our intuitive cord, and it's my purpose, mission and pathway to help you fuse it together - in body, mind, and soul. 


1. What symptoms are you normalizing?

2. Have you been experiencing pain in certain areas of your body for awhile and just accepting them as chronic?

3. Check in with yourself, and see if you're as healthy as you want to be - if not, what would you change?

4. Do you mask symptoms, for fear of doing more intense work to find the root cause? 

5. What does your body in ideal health look like? 


If you're looking to delve deeper into your body, mind and soul, while using nutrition, food as medicine, reprogramming your mindset, advisory into your true innate self, and to take your healing to the next level, I would love to be there for you. Let's connect