When we're not feeling our best physically, mentally, and emotionally it's hard to be grateful, feel into a higher emotion / power, and really trust that this is all part of our journey. Quite literally every pain, step, circumstance, person, relationship and occurrence is meant to be in your life. Hard to believe, but nothing is random or happen stance. Nothing or no-one is out to get us, it's actually the opposite, as we're in a constant relationship with God / Universe, as we work with this higher source, instead of against it. This might show up for people in sayings such as "I have the worst luck",  "Bad things always happen to me", "Everyone is happy but me", "I can't catch a break",  "That person has X,Y,Z but I'll never have that", "Those people are sooooo lucky". You get the point. Any of this sound familiar, maybe not on a conscious level, but maybe these are some thoughts floating through your mind on a subconscious level whenever you see something or someone doing, having, or experiencing something you so desire. 

In terms of healing the body, lets break this down, for I do believe emotions like gratitude open the heart to lift the energy of your body to a new place - out of the lower hormonal + energy centers, into higher states of being, which activates hormones, receptors and allows your body to be in a state of healing, instead of a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, inflammation and pathogens. 

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions for increasing your level of suggestibility - which is one of the ways I teach my clients to heal through Mind & Body, as they will always, to the end of time work in unison.

We cannot heal one without the other. It teaches your body emotionally that the event you're grateful for has already happened, because we usually give thanks after a desirable event has occurred. 

Therefore if you bring up the emotion of gratitude before the actual event, your body (as the unconscious mind) will begin to believe that the future event has already happened - or it is happening to you in the present moment. Gratitude, therefore, is the ultimate state of receivership. You are ready, open, and available for deeper healing to set in. 

You're essentially in a new future, in the present moment.  You're using elevated emotions (gratitude) to drive you into the future, instead of hold you in the past. Healing is a forward motion, not backwards, or stagnant.

If we don't know were we are going, how can we get there? 

Gratitude is a creative and elevated emotion which breeds a deeper state of healing, instead of more survival / selfish emotions such as doubt, fear, worry, judgment, sadness, shame, anger, insecurity, or depression which breed and manufacture stress hormones. Quite simply, a stressed body will find it V hard, if not impossible to heal. 

I remember when I was living in South Africa, and I started to experience my first symptoms, which would then lead to six years of insane, multi-faceted and painful symptoms, to being diagnosed with chronic lyme disease, and to where I am today. It was V scary, I was in a lot of pain, confusion, uncertainty, and felt alone in my body, mind, and life as no one understood what I was going through. This is where my belief that everything I was experiencing was either a lesson, test or teacher. I adopted this mindset over a decade ago, and I believe that it served me in my healing journey in a major and profound way. At a young age I recognized that this was all meant to happen, yet none of it was an easy road. I could find gratitude in it, for I felt like it was the one thing I could cling on to when things felt like they were spiralling out of control. Even though I was losing 'x' I still found things, emotions, memories, and abilities to be grateful for. During that time I let go of so many comforts, the most profound being that of a healthy body (it's hard to imagine your health falling apart, until you're in it), my Mother (no words),  my ex-partner ( a 6 year long term relationship in which I had moved to Africa for), my pet dog (A weimaraner named Romeo - if anyone knows me dogs are my spirit animals. I love them like the earth angels that they are), a place I called home in South Africa (Had a house facing a vineyard, a pool, a car, "everything" as some would think from the outside),  friendships, possessions, etc...and that letting go continued for the next decade. It took place in different forms, time spans and with different people, but through out it all, even when it was happening, I was able to muster up the gratitude for where I was in that moment. I'm not saying it was easy, my heart broke many times, but even in the deep dark valleys, I found the gratitude to stay on my path no matter what came my way.  I actually don't think healing on a deeper level is easy for any soul. While some are better equipped with some skill sets, and a more robust mindset, it still requires energy, daily work, and the belief that this is all happening for a reason, and for your own good. 

Hard to see while you're going through it, easier to have the self-refection afterwards, but I believe embodying this higher state no matter what is going on in your life, is one of lifes keys to healing on a deeper level. 

If you're in this sphere I'm sure you've heard endless chatter about gratitude, being grateful, writing lists, and all of the like. I feel like it's something that people just roll their eyes at RN, because it's tossed around like a wellness trend. 

But it's not. Yes, there are a million gratitude journals being sold to you, but gratitude is so much more than this, at least the way I see it. It's a full embodiment of being in the present moment, being thankful, and carrying these emotions + states of being around with us on a daily basis. I believe we all have to find our practice with healing, and gratitude is no different. This is where I can be a great source for clients, as I can feel or see things that they cannot. When you're in IT, clarity is fleeting. But when you're able to bring things to light, have a sense of what direction you need to take, and what to do, it's easier to feel into higher states of being because we feel loved, supported, guided and assured that what we're doing is in line with where we want to go. 

I believe gratitude is a muscle, just like self-love. The more we flex it, the bigger it grows. 



1. Where do you get lost when starting a gratitude practice?

2. Do you find gratitude difficult?

3. NO matter how you're feeling where can you find gratitude, and if not RN, where have you found it in the past? 

If you're looking to delve deeper into your body, mind and soul, while using nutrition, food as medicine, reprogramming your mindset, advisory into your true innate self, and to take your healing to the next level, I would love to be there for you. Let's connect


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