The new bed we're manifesting. We've been without a frame for a good four years now, and it's time to bring forth a stylish, yet minimal + quality product manufactured in North America

Summer + honeymoon dress collection ( we're going to Paris, South of France + Rome) in full swing. This one is perfection for walking through the cities + being all romantic, and stuff 

With a new bed, comes new sheets. I've been wanting linen sheets for yearsssss but they come with a price. Putting these on the list (in Nature), and trusting that they will find their way to me 

New blend by Canyon Coffee. Coffee sourced + produced by the sweetest of couples. Good vibes all around! Energetically + physically as coffee consumption takes place AND it's organic - A must when consuming the bean 

MUST have for spring / summer markets

Same, same, but different. Love a good classic gold hoop

Black patent boots, my next purchase  

Really getting into this workout. Since doing a lot of healing from my lyme disease I haven't really dug into transforming my body in anyway, as I love my body from the inside out so much. But with me stepping into such a deep healing state, and my upcoming wedding (V small wedding) I want to challenge myself, and really shape a few areas of my body (Hi butt) that have been sagging! lol - energetically + physically. It has nothing to do with ego or show, but me pushing my bod a bit + having a goal. This ball is part of my favourite workout right now, so giving it a go! 

One of my favourite nutrients - inside + out. Want to give this one a go! 

THEE Perfect summer bag


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