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We often see others and think, they can have that skin, body, partner, house, car, health, clothes, vibrancy, and so, on and so forth! The list is endless quite honestly. 

We're in the era of comparison due to our relationship with social media. Remember the days without it? And how if you wanted to see photos of others, they had to be in hard copy! I will never hate on social media, as I believe when used in balance, and with boundaries, it can be wildy inspiring, and be used for business in a multitude of ways. I actually love it, but have started to create healthy boundaries for myself, as it's easy to get sucked in, V easy so I've built practices around it to help me switch off. Some people conduct all business on these platforms, and that's incredible. Jobs are being created all the time, and millions are being inspired to lead healthier lives. But this does have a downside, and most of us are not immune to it. We see hundreds of photos which can either be used for good, or can be insanely triggering on so many levels. Some common sentiments that might show up for you can go like this /

" I will never look like that"

" Her / His skin and body are incredible, I could never have that" 

"I'm envious of their life"

"Wow, they seem perfect" (Which is the biggest of lies)

"Why do all the good things happen to them"

"It all seems so easy for them"

And it goes on, and on. To the point where it can really take you from a good mood, to one that's maybe a bit more deflated, and cause you to step into a whirlpool of stagnant emotions, actions, and symptoms. We feel stuck, and these thoughts are constantly looping, and looping in our head. 

This is quite the loaded topic as it has a lot to do with self-worth, limiting beliefs, old patterns, and feeling like you're stuck in life, health, relationships, lack, and everything in between. So many of these thoughts come up because we don't believe we're worthy of all of the above and more.

When talking about the skin specifically, we don't believe we're worthy of having healthy, glowing, acne-free skin.

Let's delve deeper into this connection re: self-worth our skin, it's healing, and ultimately living in our best skin, as a lot of these same thoughts, beliefs and patterns show up when we see images, encounter people, and start to have these thoughts to patterns repeat themselves in our lives. Skin is a living and breathing organ and entity. It's the largest organ exposed to the elements, and it's affected deep within our cellular health and nature. I know this might seem like a wild thought or practice to you, but I don't heal or do things normally, which I'm sure you've gathered. I believe in digging V deep, into the cells, programs, that started pre-birth and that are continuing to affect you to this day. Don't believe it affects your skin? It 100% does. 

When we don't believe we're worthy of something we vibrate on a much lower level. And because all we are is literally energy, for real, scientifically proven, we're just energy matter floating around, which therefore vibrates at different frequencies. So when we don't believe we're worthy of living in, and having our dream skin, energetically + physically it will be V hard to get there. 

Say for example, you've had acne for a few years and it's been causing you distress. It brings you down, it gets inflamed at random times, you break out even when you're eating healthy food, and you've come to normalize these symptoms. You've tried a million things externally, and constantly look outside yourself for answers. Whether it be in a product, or another persons regime, or envy peoples skin on instagram, you've started to build programs within yourself that perpetuate your inflammation because 1) You don't believe you're worthy of it, 2) Other people can have nice skin, but yours is "acne prone" (I dont believe in skin types), 3) You're constantly reaching to external resources, instead of looking within.

Deep within. 

I always guide my clients to look deeper than they ever have. 

If we don't believe we're worthy of having our best skin, it will be V hard to get it. I'm applying this to skin, but this applies to everything in our lives. You don't even have to be suffering from severe skin issues, but maybe you see how others age gracefully, and you start to repeat thoughts in your mind, that they're just lucky, or they have 'x,y,z'. While some of those things can be true, it doesn't mean you can't also have them. If anything they are showing you it's possible, it's 100% possible. 

I treat skin on every level - internally through healing digestion, liver health, kidney flushing, hormone balancing / Nutrition / Supplements / Herbs / Mind + Body Work  / And Externally through skin regimes + topicals (natural). It's V holistic, and it targets your mindset, because we have to start with your belief.

If you don't believe you're worthy of living in your best body, and skin. It's going to be very hard to get there. 

So we have to start here. Skin is 80% an inside + mind/body job. It starts within, and to heal sustainably from anything 1) We have to believe we're worth it, and 2) We have to do the work to get there. 


1. On a deep level do you believe your worthy of healing ( skin, body, mind, soul)?

2. What are your triggers?

3. Who are your triggers?

4. What patterns continually repeat themselves, even if they are on a negative loop. They are serving you for some purpose, and we must find out why. Are they keeping you safe? Did you experience trauma? Are you fearful of change?

5. Do you believe others can have 'it', but you can't?


If you want to delve deeper into your skin, how it can heal, finding your unique regime - internal + external, shoot me a message! I would love nothing more than to guide, help, advise, support and love you through you, and your skins, healing journey. 


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