This dress, this brand. New love. Just in time for S / S 18 ' 

Always looking for new eco cups. This brand from Australia has got it right with it's design + functionality. If you have any other brands, please feel free to share! 

I'm headed to NYC this Spring, and even though I lived there for four years, there has been SO much goodness popping up since then. Can always trust these beauties for must visits. 

I love black heeled boots for everyday wear. Classy. These are just too perfect. 


I'm V conscious of my use of plastics + the like, but I can do much better. It's never about being perfect, but little by little making more changes, and mindful habits to love our earth even more. These will help immensely! 

All I want to wear on my lips 

Ref does no wrong, I have this print in a top, and I love it so much. This feminine, yet slightly sexy dress will be perfect for summer, and our European honeymoon in August 

My favourite protein - I've tried SO many plant based proteins ( I'm allergic to dairy) and I haven't loved any until this brand. The ingredients, quality + transparency can't be beat 


REMEMBER to Relish in your unique soul, self + beauty 


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