It's very easy to get caught up in the beauty world. We're swayed on a moment to moment to basis we regards to products, procedures, influencers, and the promises they make with regards to miracle products, and the elimination of all of your skin woes. I'm human, and I'm not immune to these claims, but through the past decade of navigating my healing journey with my skin, and body, I'm able to sift through the noise intuitively, and logically, for ultimately skins deeper healing comes from within. 

 Don't get me wrong though I adore, love and cherish green beauty, oils, products and that whole world. But what I'm talking about here is the disconnection that products make with regards to the intuitive nature of our skin, as it cuts the tie between our skins role, job and ultimately what it's meant to do - heal + protect. Products can interfere with our skins natural healing process, as we try to manipulate, dry, correct, pick, push, prod, strip scrub it, and everything else we do to get it to do what we want. Does it do what we want?

Sometimes, but not always, and often times it's worse off than before.

We then have to course correct, shame a company / brand for creating such a disaster, and throw our fists up into the air and question WHY did I just do that?

I say this, as I've been there. Multiple times, actually too many times to count. Years worth of skin woes, mistakes, major mishaps, and impermanent damage, but damage non the less.  I don't know how many times I tried to "dry" out my acne (this is V counter productive to healing acne), strip it of it's natural oils, pick zits that were n o t meant to be even touched, popped non-whiteheads, cleansed with more toxic products, used endless amounts of creams / potions / serums, pray that it would heal overnight, ask Dr. Google what I needed to do and buy to make it heal, did so many DIYs that turned into a disaster - i.e using fresh lemons on scars... I'm here to tell you that it didn't help, and even if it did, it was short lived and ultimately did so much damage to the ph of my skin. Our skin has a delicate acid / base mantel, and when we attempt to disrupt it from our own inner and burning desires, we usually cause it to go way too far one way. When we do all of the above, we're focusing on the extremes, instead of coming back into our mind, our bodies, and ultimately the foundation of our skins role - to heal. 

Whenever I think of skin healing, and the miraculous nature of our epidermis I think of the healing of a cut. When we get a cut, I'm clumsy, I've gotten many... I've never had to tell my skin to heal. I didn't have to put anything on it, I didn't stress about it healing, I never really thought twice about it, except when there was some physical pain due to the inflammation around the cut, but that's normal. We don't have to do a n y t h i n g, yet it heals in the most beautiful of ways... naturally. 

I'm sure you know those people who don't do a think to their skin and it's perfect ? This is because they are allowing their skin to do it's job. Yes, some are seriously genetically blessed with insanely beautiful skin, but there are people that don't stress, or even think of there skin, and it rewards them. They might get a blemish, but their laissez faire attitude, allows their skin to heal even faster, as their cortisol doesn't spike, which causes even more inflammation to begin with ( I used to be so guilty of this! And ultimately the stress just caused more pimples. I would wake up daily with a new one every single day).

Our skin was designed to do something very specific on this planet. Just as we have a specific purpose to live out on this planet, so does our skin. It's trying to do it's job, we're just working against it, instead of with it. 

While I'm not the type of person that forgoes everything, I've tried, I just can't, nor do I want to. I enjoy my skin rituals, routines, jade rollers, intuitive natural products that I use - some staples, others I try / test so I can give solid recommendations to my clients, as this is key for me. Once I've worked with a clients internal health (skin is 80% an inside job), I definitely guide them on  to the external as they do work in synchronistic ways - feeding off of each other, and delighting in the beautiful balance we (they) create together. I work with the skin, it's natural healing tendencies (some are slow healers, others quicker - and ultimately it's my goal to heal skin tissue at a faster rate), and stand back and allow the skin to really shine - inside and out. 

I'm a extreme minimalist in so many senses of the word. My wardrobe is curated and small, my home life and environment is free of clutter, and we only invite things into our home that have meaning, purpose, and that we so love. How I treated my skin in the past is the furthest thing from minimalism, and what I've learned through the years of healing my skin of acne, balancing my hormones, healing my gut, and ultimately healing  my body from a chronic illness, is that we must work in sync with it's natural rhythm, flow, and that less is truly, truly more.  Again, what we resist persists. 

Imagine trying to dictate the healing of a cut or wound? Yet we do it all the time with our skin. 

Again, I'm a lover of new green beauty products, I get excited to discover bespoke natural lines and products, and I use products + gadgets all the time, as it's part hobby / part work. But through many, many years, if not a decade, of skin rebelling, dictating what it needs to do - and giving it a by when, harming it's poor ph balance, picking it when it really just wanted to be left along, and the many other silly things I did in an attempt to heal it, I learned that to heal our skin we must work with our skin cells, our bodies innate healing response, stress - internal + environmental, our unique make-up, and our differing lifestyles. Going with the flow of its cycle, and not against it. 

Our skin is simply trying to tell us something. If it's continuing to break out - that means something internal is off. If it's not doing what we want - we're aging prematurely, we keep on getting inflamed skin, we're just not happy with it, then we must approach it like we would a flower, or our lover, very delicately. Nurturing, communicative, gently, and with major TLC. 

One final time, working with it, not against. For it only wants to please you and I. 

Finally, it's okay to want really nice skin. I believe it's our birth right as it only reflects our inner self, desires, health, peace, purpose, and balance of our bodily systems and organs. Our skin is the organ that reflects what's going on inside, to the outer world. We can't hide it, but we can heal it. I firmly believe that, because I see it all the time in my practice, and experienced it first hand with my own skin. Naturally + holistically. 


1. Ask yourself if you're working with it or against it?

2. Do you truly love your skin for all that it does? Does it reflect you?

3. Do you think you're doing too much to it? Products? Procedures? 

4. Does your skin make you happy, or does it bring stress to your life? 

5. Take inventory of your skin - if you're happy with it disregard everything I've said, if you're not write down what you would like to change

If you want to delve deeper into your skin, how it can heal, finding your unique regime - internal + external, shoot me a message! I would love nothing more than to guide, help, advise, support and love you through you, and your skins, healing journey.