Spring look (I've always been into fashion, and love pinning + encapsulating moments with my style)

NEW NATURAL PERFUMES made in Canada, that I must try! My olfactory senses are already salivating 

On my list! Hyaluronic acid is hyper important for our skin to retain moisture 

LOVE a black classic bag, saw this the other day and love it's simplicity + no fuss nature 

Small gold hoops 4 ever - mine broke, so in the market for a new pair. These fit the bill! 

Honeymoon bathers - throw a pair of vintage levi cut offs over top + a straw bag, hat + classic ballet flats and I'm good. to. go 

Manifesting the perfect pair of RE/DONE Levi's - on the hunt, won't give up + being hyper patient 

My fav fav fav

Love her work + she's a local beauty 

Classic lingerie always, love the mix of black + navy - Hand crafted in Toronto 

N E V E R F O R G E T - Just be your authentic self 


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