Always into new mists + new green skincare lines - this is a hit! 

Hat always, especially in the s u m m e r s u n  - this company is a fav 

NEW oil alert 

Classic black one piece always. Will be my honeymoon staple! (Australians know swimwear) 

Heavy hitters - summer is mask season for me. Summer in a big city = lots to clean out on the daily. Eyeing this beaut

Embracing my mid-driff this summer with this top 


Frank is the best!!! 

Staple skirt that is actually all-seasonal - win-win-win 

I think I might have found a new fav. I have to admit, Shaving my legs isn't my favourite, so def need some incentive w/ this two - in - one beauty 

LET GO + TRUTH - How often do you hold on to things so tightly? And what if we tried to let things go more mindfully....and allow things to come + flex our trust muscle. Healing is all one big muscle flex! 




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