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Spring has sprung. 

With this seasonal shift comes clearing out the old, refreshing our inner and outer environments, lightening up, and letting go of things that aren't serving us, whether that be a beauty product, a belief system, or relationship. 

Why I dig so deep when I look at a person, and more specifically my clients, is that nothing happens in isolation. Nothing! In relation to our skin, the breakouts you might be experiencing could be a combination of seasonal shifts, hormonal imbalances (our hormones like things, "Just right" - not in between, not too little, and definitely not too much), eating inflammatory foods, feeling uninspired + unmotivated, going through a break-up, feeling lonely, not loving your job, environmental pollutants, and the umbrella of them all, Stress. Which when it rains down upon all of the above, only exacerbates the cycle. 

So as we enter into this new season I want to help lighten things up for you. Even if it's just a sliver of this post, these words, or a tip can help your stress cycle break a little, then I'm one happy lady. 

Remember that nothing is ever about perfection, for if we strive for it, we will never be happy, fulfilled, and we will constantly be spinning on the stress cycle. 

Making any sort of changes takes time, energy, and unearthing old patterns and habits that you thought where serving you, but it turns out they aren't. 

So don't fear. Healing takes time, as does shifts. It's why Mother Nature gave us seasons, and why we have these transition periods to sort things out. It's a gift, and a new opportunity, when we start to view it as such, it provides us with the necessary fuel to move forward. Even if it just feels like you're moving a mm at a time. 

Any motion forward is good motion. 

So take the next step, release the old, and embrace a less fearful state. The fear will always be there, so just start taking a few steps! 

To lighten things up, here are some good first steps. 


My Spring Staples:

1. THE EVERYDAY OIL - Slather this on night or day, and your skin, senses and spirit will be happier. I'm the first to admit that I often neglect my "body skin" in the winter, but with this oil, never again. It's a joy + pleasure to use in every way. 

2.  DRY BODY BRUSHING - Your skin's BFF as we move from a stagnant season, into a more fluid + uplifting season. We must stimulate our lymph to detoxify our bodies. Dry body brushing is the manual way to do so, especially when we sit a lot! I love incorporating this into my routine, as it helps to stimulate lymph, but also sloughs off dry skin. Win-win. 

3. HYDRATION - I dislike beating something in, and it just seems so simple. But it's just so darn effective. I always amp up my water come S / S, as with the heat + sweat my body produces, I need to hydrate full-time. 

4. ROSE WATER -  My HG - I spray rose water on my face at least five times a day, maybe even more as it gets hotter. Rose is extremely cooling, so it's an added bonus if you can keep a small bottle in the fridge as well. Every time you open up the fridge, give yourself a spritz. Calming, cooling, and hydrating. 

5. CUCUMBERS - Internally + externally. Internally for the minerals, high water content, and silicia - which is one of my favourite "beauty minerals". The one thing about cucumbers is that you must eat the skin, as that's where the silicia lives! Don't peel your cukes. Externally, because cucumbers contain caffeic acid in them, which naturally helps depuff your skin. So cut some up as a snack, and then save some to cool off in the fridge, and then place on your skin for 15-20 minutes, the next time you have a DIY night at home. 

6. FRESH FLOWERS - Keeping fresh flowers at your workspace or in your main living area can bring you so. much. joy. I'm the biggest believer in the smallest of things, making the biggest of differences. Something as small as fresh flowers can lift your mood, increase your endorphins, release serotonin (Your happy hormone), calm your nervous system, and the visual act of looking at them brings you joy. They signify life, our unique individual nature, and the fact that flowers bloom when they are ready, just like us! Like I mentioned above, I look at healing the body in a V holistic sense. We must target all angles, inner / outer, mind / body, external environments / internal belief systems / patterns .... ! Healing is holistic forever, and ever. Which is why something has simple as fresh flowers can help you lower your cortisol. 

7. DETOX TEAS + HERBS - I don't like to "prescribe" too many herbs without a individualized peek into someones health history, as they are potent plant medicine, and I fear too many things float around the interwebs, and because we see it working for someone, we try it, and it only causes more havoc. So really tune in when you see something, as just because it worked for someone, it doesn't mean it will work for you. That's the beauty of the bio-individual nature of us humans. It can make things more difficult, but it's a miracle beyond belief. But there are some blends + teas that are perfect for the spring season. Anything with dandelion, milk thistle, nettle or fennel is really good as we come into this 'clearing' season, as all are good for digestion + the liver.  This is where so much natural detoxification + assimilation takes place, and all we're doing is aiding our body in these processes. Never disrupting them, because again, too much of a good thing, is also not a good thing. 

8.  NATURAL MAKE- UP - As temperatures heat up, with that comes sweat, opening of pores, and lots of pollution seeping in! I always speak of not being a purist, as although I use all-natural make-up + skin care, I don't want to be hyper militant about anything + everything. I have my values, and internal standards, but sometimes it's fun to use a chanel nail polish or perfume, but I will always, always, always seek natural + organic, and use it 95% of the time, as it just works best for my body + mind. I also know too much about the skin, and it's sponge like qualities to continually allow more conventional products into my everyday life. I want to put focus on, it's what you do most of the time that matters! A little play here, and there won't harm you. It's what you do in the everyday + long term that matters the most. My favourite make-up int he world is from RMS, and second with would Kjaer Weis. Both have incredible formulations, and use the purest + most natural and organic ingredients the founders can source. Both were built out of pure love, and passion for the industry, and need for more green, yet luxurious make-up lines.  With increase sebum (Oil) products come the warmer months, it's super important that we're only putting products on our skin / face on a regular basis that our epidermis knows what to do with. 


As we step into this new season, it's time to let go, reassess, check-in and see where we are. It's like a bear coming out of hibernation. We need to nourish, and let go things / people / thoughts / beliefs / habits that aren't serving us, so we can step into our healthiest + most authentic state of being. 


If you're looking to delve deeper into your body, mind and soul, while using nutrition, food as medicine, reprogramming your mindset, advisory into your true innate self, and to take your healing to the next level, I would love to be there for you. Let's connect