This post, and these thoughts float around in my head all  day every day as it's what I do, what I hear from all my clients, from spending time on social media, research for my own health / practice, and of course through the experience of my own healing + journey, in which I've come to discover for my self on a very personal level. 

In some divine + beautiful way, my clients usually come to me after they have seen a plethora of other health practitioners - Doctors, naturopaths, therapists, functional practitioners, dieticians, etc.. with no answers, symptoms persisting, sometimes even getting worse, and the emotion that flows through all of them is hopelessness + confusion. They were given a plan, protocol, a list of supplements, or something that was so strict + unattainable, that it just wasn't sustainable in the real world. To be super clear, it's not that I hold all the answers, I don't, I've just attracted this essence and these beautiful people into my field, as it's why I'm here on this planet. Call me crazy, but I believe we all have a divine purpose, and when we tap into that authentic nature, it's when things really start to line up. 

It's my biggest, biggest, biggest desire and gift to give people this hope. I believe it's through my own healing journey (Thanks to chronic lyme!) that I'm able to share this, guide, support, and help people tap into their own innate healing power. I always want to make it hyper clear, that I'm not a healer, but a vessel and instigator for my clients, other human beings, for You to tap into the unlimited resources that lay within you.

It's why I believe we can all heal, from anything, if we so desire. It's all within us. 

It comes with lots of hard work, re-writing of stories, unblocking old belief systems, switching things up, finding foods that work with you + your constitution, and at the end of the day believing we're worthy of it all. For if we don't even believe we're worthy of living in our most optimal state of health, happiness, wealth, than it will be V hard to get to that place. 

This is where I believe so much confusion lies, as when we really get down to it, there is so, so, so much information out there. The interwebs are riddled with contradictory information every hour. Everywhere we turn someone is telling us something is the most magical ingredient, that coffee now causes cancer (read here - personally I don't believe it, as just living in a city is a carcinogen), we would have to live in a literal bubble to avoid all toxins!, kombucha is now bad (also don't believe), carbs are evil, primal and keto are the only way to go, super adaptogens heal, if you're not eating x,y,z with each meal, and the list goes on, and on! I've seen and heard it all, and I've done a lot of it on my healing journey with lyme disease the past twelve years. I went coffee free for a good two years, I tried every single diet under the sun (Even being a fruitarian for 8 weeks), I was on 30 supplements a day, ingested my own homemade essential oil pills, did heaps of crazy treatments, and the list goes on. Did some of it work, absolutely, but it was over a decade of trying a million things. 

Ultimately, there is no magical ingredient to healing. And no one is perfect, and Purism, also isn't healthy, as life is still meant to be lived, and enjoyed. We are all unique. 1 in 8 billion, therefore we all need different things. 

This is different for everyone, but I don't believe in extremism for anything, as I've lived it, and it can be mentally draining. 

The thing that made the biggest difference in my healing - Mindset, finding what works for Me - and me only, believing I'm worthy of it, and taking mindful action. For without mindfulness behind it, we can be taking action for years, with no results. Our minds are everything. This isn't what everyone wants to hear, but I believe any journey begins with one step. Whether you're healing, or taking a step in a new direction (job, relationship, new city), it's all about putting one foot in front of the other. It's all we can do! It's never about perfection, or deprivation, but deploying self-awareness, empathy, self-love, worth, gentleness on our journey, for those are the things that lay down the bricks as we take each step. Infusing heaps of quality water, lots of greens, optimal sleep, and movement also don't hurt. 

Why I think all of this confusion with regards to health, wellness, healing  can be detrimental to someones healing journey are numbered. Here are a few of my sentiments / thoughts / feelings / personal experiences :

1. We are all so unique + bio individual. What works for us, isn't what works for everyone else. I have some clients who can't eat fruit, quinoa, almonds, avocados, walnuts, etc... even though they are all super healthy. Our bodies are so divinely unique, and while there are definitely certain lifestyles that are healthier than others (plants, whole foods, as close to nature as possible), I will never deny that. I believe we must find what works for us, and only us. It's not easy, but this is the key that unlocks the door to personal - mind, body, soul happiness. We don't get anywhere being judgemental of others, dogmatic, or believe we lead the only way of being healthy. There are super healthy people that have So much joy, vibrancy, and health in them, but they drink espresso, maybe have a few glasses of wine a week, and if they are in Italy, you better believe they are eating Pizza. We are different, and need different things. I never want to say or make you believe my way is the only way, I hold all the answers, and that eating x,y,z is the only way. As it's not. The more loving, and accepting we are of others, the more people are inspired to change. It's never about preaching, but about living. I always live by the quote, "be the change". I've learnt that people don't like to be talked down to, but included, as we're all humans just trying to do our best in the bodies we were born with. It's can be hard out there. More love! Less Judgement!  ( P/S Of course I believe there are things we should not be eating - GMO's, Dairy, HFCS, etc...) but I always just want to highlight the fact that we're all different, need different things, and that's beautiful. It's not us, against you, it's how can we raise the consciousness together.  I'm a eternal optimist + lover, and will continue to be that way until the end of time. 

2. I believe we do things differently when we're healthy + in a optimal state of health VS when we're in a healing state. I say this to my clients all the time. I'm always reminding them that their 'healing state' is V different from their optimal, vibrant, and healing state. And once we get to a optimal state, we can navigate things differently as cellularly, biologically, mentally, emotionally  they (you) are in a different state where a nice cup of coffee and a little slice of cake in the divine company of amazing humans, only brings light, and love into ones life, and that Joy is also healing. We weren't meant to be on this earth to devoid ourselves of the little things. It doesn't mean we throw all caution to the wind, n e v e r. Gluten, Dairy, Processed sugar are just something that isn't in my life, and I don't miss them one bit. But I believe we don't have to be hyper strict + restrictive + deprive ourselves during special occasions, and moments in life. Yes, absolutely when healing, sometimes we have to be a little more strict, but it's my goal to get my clients to a state where they are so healthy in body, and mind that they can still experience Joy around life. If eating a certain way brings you joy, than that makes me super happy. I just never want to deprive people of things that bring them Joy in very small quantities, as someone or article deems it as "bad" and "evil". This is where highly intuitive eating, and mindfulness + self-awareness of the self comes in, which is a big part in healing, in my opinion. Without figuring out what our bodies need + tuning into the rhythms of it, we will always be searching for answers. 

3. Joy, Community, Company, Life, Clarity, Feeling abundant, Worthy, Magnetic, Happy is and can be healing. We can't just look at food, ingredients, supplements + herbs as our life lines. Simply getting off of technology, being a part of a community, and working towards your purpose can change your cellular structure. We are energetic beings, who live in a energetic, quantum + electromagnetic field. Without getting all woo on you, energy is everything. When we are unhappy, unfulfilled, feel like we're unworthy of x, y, z, lost, alone - we choose different foods, and even if we have intentions of eating healthy, know we should be eating healthy, we don't, as energy, emotions, and our feelings overide our physical body. Don't doubt your inner essence, and mind. 

4. Listen to what your body needs + only your body. How is it responding to your environment? To foods your eating? To a new supplement you saw on instagram / youtube / a blog? Are you taking it because someone found great benefit from it, and now you tried, and it falls flat, and you're back to square one? Are you addicted to coffee - and need more than one- two cups a day? Are you eating too much sugar? It's why I don't really share my exact supplement / wellness regime, as it's super intuitive, always changing, and unique to my bodies needs. I would never, ever, ever want someone to see it, follow it, buy all the things, and expect "X" result. It would be not integral as a practitioner, and not fair to You! You don't want the exact things I'm taking, because we're different, and need different things. 

5. I want to re-connect you with your intuitive chord that's been snipped through our spins around this world. We aren't taught as a society to tap into our own guts + intuitions. It's why when we see someone else doing something, we want to do it! Marketers know this ;) It's how we buy, buy, buy without question. Flexing your intuitive muscle is powerful beyond belief, as your tapping in your innate healing power. 

6. Health is wealth. You've heard it a million times, but if we don't have our health we can't enjoy any of life's pleasures,  joy, relationships, travel, houses, cars, things, experiences...nothing. This was a great lesson. When I was super sick, all I wanted was to not feel the way I was feeling, as I couldn't even enjoy a walk through the park, without fear of getting lost or falling over. When we learn to embrace our health,  wealth follows suit. 

7.  Mindset, mindset, mindset. We always reach for external substances + things, but the power of placebo, being your own placebo, and healing through the mind is ever powerful. If the body can heal through placebo's, it means we can heal ourselves through the mind / thought / belief. 

8. Bringing it back to basics. I love trying new health things, and dabble in adapotogens + some fun health things, but I've learned to stay grounded, rooted, and in tune with what my body + mind needs, as in reality I could be taking 80 different herbs, supplements + trying new things all the time, but this is why and where we get confused in our journey. We must weed out the fluff, turn inwards to see what works for us, and not keep on looking at others, whether in the media or in social media. Everyone is simply sharing their journey, beliefs, values, morals, experiences - but you aren't them, so it might not resonate with you. If it does, a m a z i n g. For any change to a healthier state of ones body, environment + state is a beautiful thing. Just don't let guilt + shame + negative emotions seep in, as those just as toxic as a little coffee here, and a small treat there. Come back to You, your body, your organs, your mind, your skin, your energy. What is your body speaking to you, and how can we shift it to help you find your unique healing code for you to step into your healthiest, most authentic, abundant, and happiness self. 

For this is only one You. It's time to embrace it, and let confusion melt away. 

If you're looking to delve deeper into your body, mind and soul, while using nutrition, food as medicine, reprogramming your mindset, advisory into your true innate self, and to take your healing to the next level, I would love to be there for you. Let's connect