I want to talk about this as I believe the skin we live in stirs up different things for all of us. As humans on this planet no two one of us is alike.  Get this: 

The odds of you being born, in the moment you were born, to the parents that you have, with your specific DNA structure, is 1 in 400 trillion.

1 in 400 trillion–that’s huge! You’re essentially a living, breathing, walking miracle. Which in my eyes shows myself, and my clients that ANYTHING is possible. 

This means two things for me: 1. We can't let time go by living in a survival state / place of unhappiness - We must pursue our purpose + passion as it's a gift we've been given and 2. No single body / mind / soul is alike - so stay in your own lane, and beat by the rhythm of your own drum, and know that what works for someone, might not work for you 

You're different than any soul of this planet, therefore, Your inner + outer workings are fiercely unique. When it comes to your Skin, this can show up in a multitude of ways:

 A) You have different skin - cellularly, micro-biome driven and the way your tissues interact with the outside world B) You have different thoughts about your skin C) You've gone through unique experiences with your skin (i.e acne, trauma, auto-immune)  and D) As you age, which I spoke about last week, or your skin cells begin to change - you have different "goals" or expectations of what you see and feel when it comes to your external epidermis (the outer layer of your skin). 

We're lead to believe that we must feel a certain way about our skin, but when it comes down to it, what does having nice skin mean to you? Do you care about aging? Do you want a certain glow? Do you not feel good without healthy skin? Does it cause you anxiety / fear? Does it suppress your self-confidence? Are you self-conscious about certain areas of your face? Do you break out around your cycle? Are you confused as to what your skin is trying to communicate? Are you mindful of your skin? Do you take care of it? Have you struggled with you skin? Do you over analyze your skin? Do you even care about your skin?! The last question is interesting, as not a single soul in my practice, or women that I know doesn't care about the way their external skin looks / feels / changes / "ages" ... I know some people don't care for a second (mostly men), But most women I believe do, again this isn't a true and true fact, from my experience this is what I've witnessed.  All of the above means different things for us, therefore the actions that stem from these thoughts / beliefs systems / values produce different actions, and hence results. 

With all of the above, my goal for you to discover is what Your skin actually means to You, and no one else.

 Are you being true to yourself when you say you don't care - or is this only a coping mechanism and / or excuse to not take action and do the work - because I will always be 100% transparent to you, any sort of skin journey - whether healing acne, or preventing pre-mature aging, or tackling any sort of skin imbalance takes time, TLC, patience, sometimes guidance, and getting to know your body on a V intimate level, because your skin is your own organ that is constantly speaking to you, and is a True window into the inner workings of your organs, tissue, lymph + blood flow, bodies detoxification pathways (liver + kidneys), essentially any and everything that goes on inside can show up on the skin (fine lines, acne, cysts, rashes, redness, inflammation, dryness, over production of sebum, deep wrinkles, age spots, melasma, sun spots, etc... etc...), nothing is more telling than our skin. 

I believe we lose this intuitive chord with ourselves as we grow up, as we're programmed to think and believe certain things, and therefore operate from a place of not tapping into what's right for Us, and only Us. But instead to look outside ourselves and seek endless bouts of information, which leaves us even more confused as to what our body is speaking, and saying, especially when it comes to our Skin.

For example: Say you grew up with a Mother, or Grandmother who always put others first, ran themselves to the ground, never really practiced self-care, or love, didn't take care of themselves on a physical, but also emotional level, this is what you see, therefore as you grow older, this more often than not is what you model. Your taught that putting yourself last or after others is helpful in making others happy, or like you. And that spending time or money on yourself is selfish, and coming from a place of Ego, instead of a place of deep respect for one selves. Does this make sense? Maybe this resonates with you, and maybe you're thinking A-AH - this makes sense, and I can look to my family and see this patterning, and then recognize the same patterns, thoughts, and therefore way of physically + mindfully taking care of yourself follow suit. The thing is we only know what we know, and as we grow up we model behaviour from our parentals, because they are our "everything".  Apart from friends, movies, media, our family shows us what's right, wrong, how to take care of yourself, how not to take care of yourself, and essentially embeds their Own values, beliefs, and ways of doing into You! 

Which is why discovering Your true self, Your authentic nature, an Your intuition is key here, and why it 1000% plays into your current health, and when we dig further Your Skin. From the above example if you never saw your Mother take care of her skin, or she abused her body (mind, soul, skin) then you 1) Will carry out those same actions / beliefs , 2) Not believe there is another way, so will therefore become envious or jealous of people who have nice skin. 

The thing is we can all have the skin we so desire, it's up to us. Remember that only 3% of our genetics determine our health + well-being, which means the other 97% is up to Us - lifestyle, environment, nourishment, products we choose, circadian rhythms, hormonal flow, etc.. etc... 

As we wrap things up // And continue to look deeper

what does have nice skin, or even our dream skin mean to you? What does it look like? How does it feel? MINUS all the chatter around you as to what you're skin should or should not look like. AND FINALLY DO YOU BELIEVE YOUR WORTHY OF HAVING THE SKIN THAT YOU WANT - FORGET WHAT ANYBODY ELSE SAYS, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? 

Essentially re-building + re-connecting this intuitive chord can be one of your key tools in healing anything. It's why whenever I work with a client, especially a skin client, I get them to tap into their own innate healing power, and work on mindset first, because without this foundation it will be hard to build upon. Think of a house or structure without a basement / foundation / base - NOTHING can be built upon it, nothing. IF something does get built, will it last? Nope, it's not sustainable. 

My goal is forever and always deep and sustainable healing, for without it, it's just one thing, after the other without really getting to the Why's, the core, and essentially what is all means to You. 

Think you can't have your dream skin? Or feel bad for wanting beautiful + glowy skin - think again. It's all possible. 


What does having nice skin mean to you? Let it flow + don't hold back. Do you continually tell yourself you don't care, but your soul does?

What's your dream skin? Write it out. 

What comes up for you when you talk about skin + self-worth? Do you believe your worthy of having the best skin for You?