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Purpose (Earth)

Body (Water)

Mind (Fire) 

Soul (Wind)

I'm starting a new interview series on the blog, as I've always found great inspiration (expander-ship, showing me what's possible) from others who are living their true purpose, starting endeavours + businesses, excelling in it, and  simply radiating from the inside out. Beauty to me will always come from within. 

Last year I did a series focused on female founders, which was a little more "business" focused and intense.

This season + series I'm bringing a lighter + more feminine touch to it, embarking on 4 Elements that I believe holistic health, healing, radiating from within, and discovering your true authentic nature comprises. These are women I know, admire (in a energetic way, not envy), inspire me, and who are on their authentic path, radiating their essence, beauty, and gifts wherever they go. 

It only makes sense to feature Kelly first! Not only she is a client, friend, but she's the owner of Frances Loom, thee most beautiful online Persian rug store on the globe. If you're in the market for a rug, go to her. (AKA THE RUG-SLINGER)

As you will see below, she's the real deal. She not only possesses these elements of inner + outer radiance, but she lives them, daily. She's a true light, and I'm grateful our energies + souls connected. I believe everything happens for a reason. Follow her as she's up to some a m a z i n g new projects. 




PURPOSE (earth)

Q: What’s your purpose ? 
It’s greater than I can image (as it is for all of us!) But in simpler terms: to heal others through healing myself.

Q: How do you share your gifts with the world? 
Though others may not realize it,  the rugs I choose for Frances Loom have a specific energy that bring warmth and peace into a space. However, I’m about to dive into another project  that involves sharing my experiences with anxiety and I’m hoping to heal and inspire others through my story. 

Q: What motivates you? 
Honesty, self-expression, and helping others.

Q: How do you stay driven? 
 Lots of personal check-ins! I often need to stop to make sure I’m moving through life with integrity and honesty. I lose a lot of steam when I start operating from my ego. 

Q: One piece of business / brand / career advice you would share to any + everyone you meet? 
 If it’s coming from the heart, do it! I believe the success of Frances Loom came about because it was so genuine for me and I was doing everything with so much love. That kind of energy only attracts the good stuff! 



Q: How do you practice beauty from the inside out? 
 I could write so many things here, but in short: eating well, taking supplements, maintaining regular exercise, daily meditation and prayer, and practicing self-care through baths, massages, facials, etc. 

Q: Favourite nourishing foods? 
-Avocado toast (obviously), roasted sweet potatoes in coconut oil sprinkled with pink salt, and my sauteed kale salad with roasted garlic and red wine vinegar. It’s the best!! 

Q: Favourite nourishing practices for body / skin? 
I now treat my morning and evening “face time” with so much more care than I ever have, thanks to YOU! I went from *hating* my skincare routine to seriously, seriously loving it. And my favorite products are the Leahlani products, again… thanks to you! They are so luxurious, it feels like heaven when applying them.

Q: How do you move your body / sweat? 
I practice a combination of Vinyasa Yoga and reformer pilates 3-5 times a week, with walks through London’s parks in between. I like to get some strength training in, but it’s also so important for me to get that fresh air. 

Q: 5 skincare products you cherish? 
 As mentioned above: EVERYTHING from Leahlani Skincare. I love the Siren Serum, the Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask, and the Bless Balm for dry spots. I just discovered British-based line de Mamiel and fell in love with the Dewy Facial Mist. I’m trying to get in for a facial with Annee de Mamiel - apparently her waitlist is 3 years long!!  Finally, I love the Marie Veronique Everyday Coverage Tinted Sunscreen. I’m finally using an SPF for the first time (eek!) but this stuff has the perfect amount of coverage. You don’t even need makeup!

Q: Where does your inner confidence come from? 
I recently heard my friend Lacy say “If you don’t own your story, your story owns you.” I’m constantly working on this  as I find it so easy to slip into my shadow and become fearful. So, similar to what I was saying earlier... Remaining honest and integral with myself and others through everything I do is the best way to remain confident in my skin.


Q: A few books you couldn’t live without? 
Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss started me on my spiritual journey almost 5 years ago and I tell everyone to read it! Medical Medium by Anthony William is my go-to for health and healing. And last but certainly not least, I will always love Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I read it over and over again in college and it spoke to me so deeply. 

Q: A few podcasts / audiobooks that stoke  your mind / fire within? 
 I’m listening to Letting Go by David Hawkins for the second time on audiobook right now. It is INCREDIBLE. Everyone must listen to (or read) it! And let’s be honest here… the Super Soul Conversations podcast by Oprah is one of the greatest gifts to Earth. I also have a serious love for Russell Brand and just discovered his podcast Under The Skin. The man may be known for being crazy but he is truly brilliant and an incredibly wise soul. 

Q: How do you calm your inner thoughts + fears? 
Thankfully I now have the awareness to understand that my thoughts and fears are not real. So it usually takes me a few moments to stop myself and say “HEY! None of this is relevant or happening in this moment, nor can you be certain that it even will happen. Chill out and let it go.” I often have to sit myself down and breathe for a few minutes if I get really spun out. But practicing coming back to the present moment is extremely useful for me. 

Q: What’s one thing you do for your mental health? 
Meditation has become absolutely integral in my daily practice. I practice Vedic Meditation which is a 20 minute practice, twice a day. If I can be honest, a majority of my days include only the morning practice, as my afternoons are often too busy. But, just that 20 minutes in the morning has made such a difference for me.

Q: How do you switch off from social media / devices (rules? boundaries? )
 This one is so hard!! Especially when my business runs off Instagram. I actually just bought the book How To Break Up With Your Phone if that’s any indication to what my relationship with my phone is like. I do always sleep with my phone on silent, absolutely no one is worth sleep disruption. In mornings I try my best not to look at my phone until I’ve finished my sadhana which takes a little over an hour. But some days it’s just too tempting, or I get distracted and forget. This is definitely an area that I am working on!

images via genetic women

images via genetic women


Q: What 3 words describe your Inner essence?
 Loving. Soft. Curious.

Q: How do you feed your soul on a weekly basis? 
 I try to see something or someplace new every week. I spend a lot of my time in London, and it can be so easy to get stuck in a routine where I forget that I’m in one of the most incredible cities in the world. I like to get out to see a new museum, exhibit, shop, restaurant, or neighborhood.

Q: What’s one thing we can do to make the world a better place?
 Practice vulnerability. And also remember that we’re tiny little creatures floating around space on a rock! Sometimes I laugh to myself thinking that all of the worlds problems would just vanish if we were reminded daily just how incredible our existence is. 

Q: How do you feed your soul? 
Through Love.