Big secret, or not so secret, I actually don't love the Sun! I love the warmth of it - byproduct, but I'm V Pitta (fire) + light sensitive so I always wear hats + sunglasses, and stay out of direct sunlight when I can. Vampire? A little. So my hat collections grow with the season. I'm in need of a classic boater like this , for our honeymoon in Europe, but also for day-to-day summer adventures / errands 

Manifesting a new mattress, green is the only way to go for us now - this one is perfect 

I'm over 30 and this is my first eye serum / product - excited to try! Better late than never

For those hot / muggy summer nights before bed + after traveling, or even on a flight (always brings up great convo's!). These ones are natural + cooling, yet effective 

High waisted light jeans forever - remember how popular low-riders were? lol 

In need of new sneakers, these might be them 

I always have a thing for Australian brands! Must visit one day. Super into whites this summer. This mini will be perfect for any pre or post wedding occasion that pops up 

I'm cheating on my Hurraw balm, but I'm so excited to try this one - I adore this brand 

MAJOR in aiding the bodies natural detoxification systems - slathering my body in this pre-shower 

Still haven't made the leap! Should I ? Feeling called to it