I'm starting a new interview series on the blog, as I've always found great inspiration (expander-ship, showing me what's possible) from others who are living their true purpose, starting endeavours + businesses, excelling in it, and  simply radiating from the inside out. Beauty to me will always come from within. 

Last year I did a series focused on female founders, which was a little more "business" focused and intense.

This season + series I'm bringing a lighter + more feminine touch to it, embarking on 4 Elements that I believe holistic health, healing, radiating from within, and discovering your true authentic nature comprises. These are women I know, admire (in a energetic way, not envy), inspire me, and who are on their authentic path, radiating their essence, beauty, and gifts wherever they go. 

This week I'm excited to announce the beauty that is Alyssa Bertram, Founder of Easy. - which delivers natural + eco-friendly tampons straight to your door on a monthly basis. I couldn't think of something more perfect! On stop of it " Each purchase supports a girl in need as 5% of profits are donated to Zana Africa Foundation, supplying pads and health education to girls in Kenya." 

Easy. is giving them something we so often take for granted, access to conscious female products, and the knowledge to empower them as women - which is priceless beyond all measures. She's a gem you guys. 

As females, and users of sanitary products, we should really become aware of what we're inserting into our bodies on a monthly basis. Conventional products most often than not contain bleach, and non-organic cotton which is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world, which is then being inserted into one of the most precious places. So not only is Alyssa making this available for all of us, she's making it Easy. We really have no excuses not to use natural products when it comes to feminine health. 

Upon meet this beauty last year her radiance, and spirit simply glows from all that emanates from her. Not only that but she's fiercely intelligent.  Be inspired by this force of a woman, and if you get the chance to meet her, and be in her presence, you will be left better for it. 


Q: What’s your purpose ?  

To empower.

Q: How do you share your gifts with the world?

 I try to be honest about my authentic truth with the hopes of inspiring others.


Q: What motivates you?

Hearing people talk about the things they truly care about. My brother and sister. My inner visions of what I want to create.

Q: How do you stay driven?

 I don’t. My drive ebbs and flows, I try to forgive myself for this.

Q: One piece of business / brand / career advice you would share to any + everyone you meet?  

Lead with your mission. How do you want to make people feel? Let that guide everything you do.



Q: How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

 I try to get enough sleep, I meditate, I try to eat lots of greens and limit my intake of inflammatory foods.

Q: Favourite nourishing foods?  

I love green smoothies with avocado and banana and spirulina it feels like I’m packing a big green punch right in the morning.

Q: Favourite nourishing practices for body / skin?

I love spritzing my clean face with organic with hazel spray before I apply my aesop moisturizer. I moisturize my body with shea butter after the shower.

Q: How do you move your body / sweat?

 I often move during meditation and just flow through different yoga postures that feel good. I also do some body weight training a few times a week.

Q: 5 skincare products you cherish?

Pure and simple witch hazel, homemade rosewater, aesop face cream, African Black Soap, African Shea Butter.

Q: Where does your inner confidence come from?

It stems from a deep knowing that I’m being supported by something greater than myself. Whenever I’m not feeling confident, I know I can turn to that.



Q: A few books you couldn’t live without?

A Return to love by Marianne Williamson, Wounds of Passion by Bell Hooks, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Q: A few podcasts / audiobooks that stoke  your mind / fire within?  

I love How I Built This, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, Hay House Meditations Podcast, The Call, Dear Seekers.  (all podcasts) I also like to listen to different Marianne Williamson lectures.

Q: How do you calm your inner thoughts + fears?

 A good bath usually helps, listening to guided meditation, listening to someone else’s stuff.

Q: What’s one thing you do for your mental health?

 Write! Whenever I forget to write I know I need to turn inward.

Q: How do you switch off from social media / devices (rules? boundaries? )

I have trouble with this. I’m not too good about this. I’m trying to create the habit of having a cut off time at night - work in progress!


Q: What 3 words describe your Inner essence? Peaceful, loving, sweet.

Q: How do you feed your soul on a weekly basis?

Through silence, looking at/reading/listening to inspiring content, creating things that feel good to make.

Q: What’s one thing we can do to make the world a better place?

Give more love

Q: How do you feed your soul?

Being with my family.