I'm headed out West tomorrow (Edmonton, Vancouver + The Island), so that means air travel (not so nice to our system - especially nervous + immune + lymph), more adventures, less social media / keeping track of time, heaps of nature (so excited), less control over my eats (relatives, Wedding, BBQ's, non-organic, etc...), less access to all my favourite health shops in the city, having to drive, living in multiple homes/places in the span of 10 days, etc + etc... Definitely out of my element, but I'm embracing every moment, as health also comprises, joy, letting go, family, being open to more adventure, and life. But as you will see, I still place my health as my top priority, as it's a part of my every cell + being. I don't do it because I have to, I do it because I want to, and it gives me the most joy to feel my best. 

Travel is the most amazing thing, and I'm b e y o n d grateful to get to do so. It's a gift, and I don't take it for granted, or lightly.

On the flip side I tend to travel a little on the "heavy" side, as I bring snacks, teas, supplements, my wellness arsenal, skincare, runners, gym clothes, masks,  greens powder, collagen, etc... Especially when my environments can be uncontrollable, I still place my health as a massive priority. 

It will never get old, but I do fully believe health is wealth - NO MATTER WHERE I AM IN THE WORLD + WHAT I'M DOING

I'm not obsessive about it in anyway, I don't bring everything, I consolidate, I leave things at home, and go with the flow, but I want to be able to support my body in the best way possible. Of course being with family, friends, and in nature is beyond healing for all of us, I still always want to feel my best internally, as it's who I am to my core. I don't force anything upon myself, ever, and when I don't take care of myself, I actually don't feel like me. 

So before I head out, I wanted to share some of my favourite travel tips, products, and a few things I'm bringing with! 

This will be my first trip of the summer, and then I have a few weekends away, and then our Honeymoon at the end of August (France + Italy), so I'll continue to share any updates along the way, and how to stay Well when the Summer season hits as this seasons energy is so up in the air - literally, so we tend to get Very off - balance and ungrounded. We're met with more travel, weekends away, late nights, parties, alcohol, and more indulging. Our bodies end up taking a toll that's for sure. It's V different from Winter energy, which is more inward, restful, solitary, and rejuvenating. Summer is go-go-go, up-up-up. 

While I don't say, believe or practice the NO FUN rule, I do practice self-awareness, mindfulness + nourishing my body so I can have the most fun, feel my best, have boundless energy, while taking care of my mind / body.

I've learnt a lot along the way, and know what it feels like to feel hyper imbalanced, so everything I do is honestly to just be my best Self.  

Here are the ways I practice what I live day in, day out, while letting go a little while I go with the flow of travel... 



1. I hardly ever eat on the plane. I give my digestion a massive break. The only time I will eat if it's a Very long flight, and I'll stick to fruit + avocados as their easy to digest. When we're 30,000 feet up in the air our digestion tends to shut off as our body goes into stress mode. Further, "fasting" just allows your body to rest. You won't be moving around, so you're body doesn't need a burst of glucose, or a heavy meal. Plan to have something before your flight, and eat a light, green filled meal after to hydrate 

2. I can't not mention my favourite beverage on the planet - Water. Drink more water then humanly possible while flying. I opt for min. 2 Liters and yes, I always cave to the $8 water bottles once passed security, as the water they give on board just doesn't cut it. I feel so hyper dehydrated when flying, and know that it will keep me nourished on a cellular level, which will allow me to have energy once I get to my destination. When in doubt, drink more than you think you'll need - it's also stellar for keeping the skin nice and hydrated, as our skin takes a toll when we fly, no matter how long or short the flight is - hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 

3. This might sound strange, but choose the isle seat if possible. This is for a few reasons. One you will have to go to the bathroom often with all the water you will be drinking - which also knocks another tip off the list - getting up at least every hour as there is a reason people wear compression socks when flying! We blow up like balloons when flying. Get up, get your body circulating, stimulate your lymph, go to the bathroom and come back refreshed. The other bonus for sitting in the isle is that you will be away form the window. The amount of c r a z y harmful rays (UVA + UVB) that come through the window is beyond anything we can imagine, as we're so much closer to the sun. I either choose the isle, or if it's not possible I keep the shutter closed the whole time! 

4. Fly in minimal to no make-up. Our skin is hyper sensitive when we fly, and the air is so incredibly dry and recycled. Your best bet is just wearing a sunscreen, and then misting with rose water while you're in the air (see below for my favourite), going completely bare, or wearing a little concealer on spots / under eyes / redness if you feel your best with it. I often just wear sunscreen, a natural oil, I mist a lot when flying, and then some RMS concealer under my eyes - esp when I take an early flight, which I will be doing tomorrow! We have to be at the airport before 530AM. Another good option if you're doing a night flight is after take off, wash your face or use a natural wipe, and then put on a sheet mask! Your skin will love you

5. I'm not a throw all balls to the walls traveler. I definitely put my health at the forefront, so I pack most of my current arsenal in the most efficient way I can. For supplements this is using pill containers, teas - I take them out of the box, powders - I just take them in whatever container there in, or sometimes a head I'll order single serving packets (i.e matcha, collagen, mushroom coffee, etc...) assess what you think you'll need and how dedicated you want to be when away! This also depends on where I'm going, and for how long, and what kind of access I will have to a kitchen. For this upcoming trip I'm bringing a little more than I usually do, but for my honeymoon I will definitely be pairing back, so take inventory of what your body is saying, what you will need and pack accordingly

6. Snacks - I always bring some seeds, raw 90% dark chocolate, matcha, green tea, sleepy tea, lemons (hot water on the plane), so I'm never caught off guard or super hungry. When I get to a destination I always make sure to stop at a local market or organic store to at least big up a few fruits and vegetables so I'm not left without any options. Again this might not be for you, but I find that when I plan a little ahead, and take a few extra steps I feel my best in every single way. I also don't stress toooo much about it if I can't right away, but it's definitely a priority for me when / if possible 

7. Don't over pack clothes. I used to be awful for this, I swear I bring more lifestyle things than clothes now a days. I have a very curated and minimal wardrobe, so I don't find myself over packing that often anymore, because I don't have a lot of clothes! Unless the weather will be all over the place, and will need boots + jackets. For the most part I don't mind re-wearing clothes, and options, and my style is minimal anyways, so I know a few jeans, shoes, tops, dresses, and a bikini will do.  Try to trust that you will pack what you need, and avoid thinking or saying " I'll bring it just in case", or " I might need this for "x" ... see if you can practice a little bit of minimalism, and pack only what you need, and less than you usually do. I always love a challenge, so I challenge myself to bring less, and make due with that I have. If you know you will be shopping, def don't pack a lot

8. Get onto some grass when / if you can right away. After flying, grounding yourself on the earth is so healing, and will help you with any jet-leg you're anticipating. Get your shoes, and socks off, dig into the earth, and allow the earths energy to heal your body, and soul 

9. Speaking of jet leg - don't nap! Start adapting to the local time, and if you need to ( I do) take a Melatonin before you sleep for the first few night you are there to help re-set your circadian rhythm, and to make sure that you get a solid nights sleep. Being sleepy, tired, or a little grumpy when traveling / on vacation is never fun 

10. Do some research - If I haven't been to a place before, I always research organic + healthy restaurants, places, parks, cafes that I know I will want to visit. I also leave heaps of room for exploration, but thanks to social media, I've already got a list of places I want to visit in Paris + Rome - especially organic markets + restaurants. 

I have many more tips, but I'll leave it at that for now, and share more as the summer travel progresses. 

Now I'll share some of the products, and things I bring with. 


SOME OF the PRODUCTS i bring // 

I always bring this green tea with me 

These tabs are amazing for detoxifying, especially after flying 

I have at least three of these with me every time I travel 

I love many rose sprays, but this is  one of  favourites. I decant it into a glass spray bottle and bring it on the flight with me

This is a new try for me - I wanted to get something I could have every single morning, so at least before the day started, wherever I am I'm getting a high dose of nutrients first thing 

Great BFF for air travel, as I'm not the best flyer 

Staple always, I will mix it into the above greens powder to have in the morning as my AM elixir

Face masks are staples for travel - pre, post, or during flights, or an event ( Wedding) - they travel so well, and I just couldn't love this one more 

I have many more things coming with me, lol, but these are my staples.  I'll share more in another travel post! 


* I won't be blogging while away, and checking in will be super minimal, so I'll be back on the blog the week after next! Love you all!