All white everything these next few months! This is such a divine slip for the Wedding Morning. Sipping matcha's + doing a meditation + getting my make-up done. So feminine... which I've realllllly been tapping into these past few months

I find my keep cup band a little too small and when I drink tea or something really hot in it my hand still burns! This one is perfect as the sleeve is much, much larger - Black it is! 

THESE are just magical 

So is this spray - you must try it.  It's not my everyday, but it's my treat spray :) 

Getting this for above the bed. I'm V minimalistic when it comes to art + my home, but this just seems so sweet, and sensual to have hanging above our bed sanctuary 

And this for above the fireplace, I love, love, love macramé , but they tend to be so pricey. These are both simple, sturdy, beautiful + affordable 

I've had these for over two years, and they are still my summer staples. I prefer them over the traditional cork birks as you can wear these in the water, and they are soooo light + perfect for summer holidays. 

These sleeves, this dress, the elegance melts me 

Another possible contender for my wedding day scent - do you guys have any favourites?  (refer to last weeks WEEKINGLOW to see some other picks + a wedding hefty EDIT) 

I WANT TO STOP USING PLASTIC STRAWS! These are in my cart, and I wanted to get a bunch so I can keep one in every bag -  when I grab a smoothie to go, or a juice I don't have to use plastic. Action only breeds change 

EMBRACE your uniqueness, it's a superpower